Canyon Village, WY

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  • It is possible to find extra work , but only in the beginning and at the end of the season , like in the middle of the season , July and August are full of students , so it is hard to find , and ... As for night life , here and there, but we made party the rooms , so we do not need anything from the clubs and both these things .... we had a pub or there sometimes were able to plant a party ... In this place there were about 500 ! All in all, if someone likes to party in the rooms or in the pub to hang out in this is the best option , but the location is such that you have no where to go or transport pedestrians , because the nearest city 100km and should leave the car! : D Accommodation: Accommodation is not really a big deal , I think for us students is quite decent , and as for the extra price ! We are 15 paid $ weekly accommodation, a $ 76 food cafeteria , 3 meals a day ... We had a common toilet and bath . In every room there were two by two ... I've never stayed on campus , so I was not anything special accommodations , for others it was ok ....

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