Tommy Bo-Bo at Lucky Leos, Seaside Heights,NJ, Karavan

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
Helpful, they were informed me in time, they were here in every single moment to help, all praise.

Experience with location Seaside Heights, NJ was neutral.
The town is very small and seasonal. On the streets are just motels and some shop that is too expensive. On boardwalk is all that this city has to give like stands in which you stand and people come to win some prizes, then bars in which it's hard to hire, candy shops, and that would be all. Small city, minimum hours from $ 8.5 to maximum of $ 9, all students were paid same. I would not recommend to come here if you want to earn some big sum of money as I wanted. Of course there was student who came home with 5 or 6 k, but I also know that they didn't eat to save and they didn't go further from that city to see something new. Of course you have one supermarket that is huge, but it is also expensive because that city is seasonal and people will definitely buy. If you want to buy cheap food you should go to Walmart or Stop&Shop supermarket which are in neighboring town that is not far, you need about 40 minutes by bus which goes exactly to supermarket and returns you to Seaside.

Experience with employer Lucky Leos, Tommy Bo-Bo was negative.
The worst man ever. My sincere advice to every student who gets offer for this job is to refuse it. From 16 employees on beginning of season there left 3 work&travel students. I traveled with my friend and we got the first cancellation after 10 days of work. If you are wondering why, we don't know even today, the boss (Tommy Whalen) is just said Guys this is just not going to work out anymore. They left us without second job after 10 days in America. We had lucky, so we find same kind of job on other place in a couple of days and the second job was in luxury Italian restaurant in which they for the first time employed students and that were me and my friend whit whom I traveled because they need two people in that time. They accepted us like their family, we enjoyed working there, the tips were big because there come exclusively rich people 30 +. With this post I just want to say to all you to avoid this employer who fired to almost all workers during the summed and some have fired themselves because they psychologically abused them and paid the minimum.

This review represents personal opinion of Filip Ivanovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Lucky Leos, Tommy Bo-Bo in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Nov 15, 2017