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  • The employer - acceptable - I worked as a housekeeper - the bad part was that the supervisors came in front of us in the rooms and stole our tips. Otherwise ok.

  • He didn't give us enough hours, otherwise he was ok. The possibility of finding a second job is quite small, being a national park ...

  • I wasn't very pleased, I worked very much because of the lack of personal. I would not go back there ...

  • Hourly: 5$ Number of hours per week : 28 Average tip : 5$ Failed to comply with an agreement from the contract completely correct , we had a small number of hours and no overtime because they hired too many people

  • Hours : 5 Number of hours per week : 28 Average tip : 3 Very bad organization and too many people employed

  • Hours : $ 5 Hours per week: 35-40 no more Average tip : $ 10 Promised overtime, but there was none . Inadequate information before going on the climate and the necessary clothing and footwear . Unorganized transport from the village to the " city" , which is located ~ 200km .

  • 8.2$,50$,1300$ Attaching the beds, wash basin , shower cabins, toilets , vacuuming , dusting , changing towels and making soaps and all other sitnicai it all for 30min . ! All the towels and bed linen , chemicals , soaps and various trinkets and wiping cloths , all of this is put into carts that are pulled up to 500m and difficult to 30kg ! Not an easy task , but after you get used to these things ... Here I was not doing anything in my life this is my first psao and it was difficult , but I said to myself that I can and I was persistent and I did it ... : D

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