Weekapaug Inn

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  • Many large hotel, a lot of money rotates and can be a nice result. Okay managers. Good organization, good pay. Enough food has always can be eaten. Accommodation provided by the employer. Accommodation was not exactly the best but okay for life. They put too many people in the quarters. Paid us every week.

  • Hourly 8 $ Number of hours per week: 35 Average tip is 50 $ per month The job is not difficult, it is important that all the pool looks neat. Bring me a couple of towels and parasols, and that's it. The problem with this position is the salary when they refuse $ 100 per week for accommodation and when I send you home if it rains, you do not leave almost nothing (there have been instances of people getting a check in the red). Therefore, managers need to constantly bother to give you the additional hours, or you change position, which they will do so only if you are persistent enough.

  • Hours: 9.5 Hours per week: 40 Average tip: 300 Description Employer: Not at all, or can not accept this position unless you do not find another job. Job as a business is not difficult but you need thick nerves manager for housekeeping. The woman is unprecedented jerk who has harassed every day. No who is not crying for her. She was blackmailing me the visa, I'm not allowed to go to the break (which you use, or do they reject you), gave me one free day for every question I know the answer in advance - NOOOOOOOO !!! My shift was from the 12h, 13h, 14h, 15h, 17: 30h to 21: 30h (depending on the day), so I had different working hours every day, and when you do this kind of shift you lose a whole day. And if you mention her another job or change your shift, you're doing the morning, it is difficult for you. I have to mention that she speaks everything with a smile, even when she yelling :). All in all, the horror. All other managers and employees were really great. I could have anyone to turn to, everyone was willing to help me. General manager is a woman dragon. I really recommend this hotel because the people in it are phenomenal, normal hosts, just watch that you do not do housekeeping. Oh yes, my position ... turndown starts at 17: 30h. It comes as a refresh room, change your towels if you are hosting a shower, make bed, put some papers, candy, coasters under the time, they made things if they are scattered, bring me ice're bringing clean linens from the utility room and garage at the end of cystic same ( throwing dirty linens and ice) ... nothing strenuous. I was also room and public area attendent, or if you want information for these two positions, write me at milicanish@hotmail.com. All in all an unforgettable experience! Good luck! :)

  • Sessions: $ 9.5 Number of hours per week : 20 Average payoff : 80 $ Description Employer: Turndown Attendant is relatively easy position does not require a great physical work, and it is only from 17:30 until 21:30 , so it is ideal as an additional job. Implies the adoption of clean towels , ice, drinks, chocolate bars , lowering the blinds and adjust the atmosphere in the room to sleep, all this while the guests at the dinner .

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