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  • Hours: 7.75 Hours per week: 36-39 Average tip: no My first job was in the gift shop but my experience here was very bad. Managers were just jerks and the atmosphere at work was a disaster. A lot of people gave it fired or received. I'm here fired a month later. It is positive that they gave me ok Hours in June, so I did not lose money like some who had after less than 20 hours a week in June. They wanted to keep me because I have been useful, but constantly flashed sparks between me and the manager of the two that are just scum. I wrote my two mock warning. Anyway, I planned to quit in those days because I just found a tad much better job in a sandwich shop. The experience that I was the opposite. Wonderful people, organized in a job where you know exactly what your responsibilities are, easily, and free food. Here I saved a lot on food because I almost stopped to buy in the supermarket. I worked from late June to late September. 7.75 hourly rate and the number of hours varied from 36 to 39 a week. At third week of September reduced because there are no more people. I worked on the first shift which is great because I did not have to be a housekeeper that would tired of me. The second job was a waiter in dinner the Boardwalk. Relaxed work, only customers can be so exhausting. Greece holds the family restaurant, and tend to be hysterical but then cool and everything is ok. $ 2 an hour (so pay everywhere) plus tip, which is an average of $ 70 a day. Sometimes doing five hours per shift and sometimes 8 (weekends). Not a lot of money but for me it was enough not finance everything I wanted, and more. Yet this is the type of restaurant where people often sit only on a slice of pizza and order a glass of water, a tip is to none. Great tip in a fine dining restaurant but there are looking for a lot of experience and knowledge of food and wine, the perfect English and do not speak. Sometimes turn a blind eye to a beautiful girl;) Interesting experience to the job, but I'm counting down the days until the start of the trip which is why I came to America. I traveled for three weeks - New York, Washington, Philadelphia, LA, Palm Springs ... worth it. Go to California instead of hyped Miami, it is much better.

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