The Ritz-Carlton Club, Aspen, Colorado, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
The agency is great, I think they have the greatest number of bids. They are dedicated to quickly respond to e-mails, were interested in whether everything is ok even when we went to the USA, helped us to find accommodation.

Experience with location Aspen, CO was positive.
Very beautiful mountain town, beautiful nature, all summer sunny weather. Everything is super organized, even the public transport free of charge, however, easily accessible from job to storage or anywhere else. The town does not have a lot of students and is easy to find another job, there are plenty of restaurants, shops and hotels. In winter, the Aspen is one of the most luxurious ski resorts, but also the years has really a lot of tourists. The only drawback is that it is difficult to find accommodation.

Experience with employer The Ritz-Carlton Club was positive.
Ritz is one of the strongest hotel chains in the world. They're looking good English, before receiving the job we had two interviews, but also very fair to employees. Even our hourly rate and increase in relation to the contract as soon as we arrived, we had two meals per shift. It could not be better :)

This review represents personal opinion of Milana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at The Ritz-Carlton Club in Aspen, CO.

Dec 26, 2016