Shaw’s supermarket, North Conway, New Hampshire, Atik Plus

Experience with agency Atik Plus was positive.
Praise for the agency, correct and up to date, and the correct price with no hidden costs.

Experience with location North Conway, NH was positive.
North Conway is a small town in New Hampshire, the Mount Washington Valley. Surrounded by mountains and woods and has a beautiful nature. There is a main street that is a long and about 5km from the town center. In the streets of most hotels, shops, restaurants, boutiques ... There is a huge shopping center Settlers Green, where the sale of all known brands. The city has many J1 students, some 150 minimum in my opinion. The second job is too easy, all the students I've met and who wanted to work, slowly they found another job. Virtually anywhere you go you will see sign post to seek workers. I've found another job in a restaurant Friendlys, and before that I worked in an Indian restaurant Shalimar as a dishwasher about 2 weeks. Indians were too good people every day gave us lunch and were very correct. In friendlys I worked as a cook on the grill, and sometimes as a dishwasher. 10 Hours, a Shalimar 9.5. Jun is pretty dead season begins in early July and lasts until the beginning of August. You are not too late if you come in late June. I'm early 26th of May, but I have repented. I worked about 70 hours a week through the whole summer, on average, July and August, something more. I had a day off 3 months. But I do not regret it, I am satisfied affairs and colleagues and the entire program. I made about $ 9,500 total. Accommodation I was paying $ 90 a week, and it was quite ok. I've lived with around 30 students from Europe and Jamaica. I would recommend all students to go to the program ?

Experience with employer Shaw's was positive.
Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week: 36 Average tip (weekly): I worked in a butcher at the supermarket, packed meat products, meat grinder, filling shelves, serving customers, I also worked on the sale of seafood, and sometimes at the checkout on the package. Colleagues were great, I learned a lot from them, and it was a lot of fun in the butcher shop. With skilled managers I've also been very close, very correct and positive people. Business was not difficult.

This review represents personal opinion of Prvoslav who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Atik Plus, working at Shaw's in North Conway, NH.

Oct 5, 2016