Atlantic city, NJ

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  • A nice place at first sight and when you see it on Google. Positive aspects: beach, ocean, clubs from Monday to Sunday, you can have fun. On the other side: many Afroamericans, some dangerous and dirty areas compared to Ocean City.

  • It's great place to spend summer. Beautiful beaches, ocean, casinos, so I felt like I am on holiday, not just working. There's a lot of possibilities to find second job, but also to enjoy.

  • Location is great for fun or for profit, nightlife is excellent and conveniently located another job

  • The city is completely crazy and sleeps 24 hours , ideal for fun and parties , has a job and can be hit a lot , too much of Chinese people who gamble like crazy

  • Atlantic City is conceived as a small Vegas on the east coast , however - far from it. The city is seasonal so that the job is only from late June - early July until September 1, when overnight the season is over and the city emptied. As for the other work is not as if you can just choose whether we are more or less all through, mostly because we pushed each other so that we are almost all working on the same places 2-3 . If you are planning to go there this year , think again and have ask because at the end of the season is closed 3-4 of 10 casinos how many are in the city so that the city began to deteriorate a lot .. We are constantly talking to them this season is far weaker than all previous ones.

  • Great opportunity for finding additional work for many casinos and restaurants in the city and the near surroundings . Also plenty of room for fun and going out , the city is located on the beach that is well organized and tidy .

  • Atlantic City is a city of casinos and blacks. As for the crime, none of the students was not directly involved , but there were a lot of stories on the subject. So, if you are looking for a safe place in America , bypass it . For me it was wonderful. Everything is close to the shopping center, beach and jobs . Of course, assuming that you find suitable accommodation . Most ended in controversial Superlodge. Price 85 per week, having the internet, you have a maid and that's about all you need . City run by Indians and Mujahideen , and for them there is always something to work . They are bolder administered by casinos for another job , a large number of Serbs worked in the Rainforest restaurant , so be sure to look for another job. New York is two hours , Philadelphia is also close. The weather is similar to ours , except that the humidity is high. As far as finding another job , not everyone is lucky . Some were tortured for a month , while some changed jobs a month. Long story short , it was cool

  • Gambling town , full of fun , a good place where you going to make money or to spend it quickly :)

  • Excellent location for many reasons , for those who want entertainment LAW city . A huge number of clubs , bars and restaurants. Since this is a tourist town with a large number of people therefore there are plenty of opportunities for other work. The town is located outlets for those who love shopping . Slightly bad neighborhood , but it is not difficult to find accommodation 10 minutes by bus from the city where it is much better! Atlantic city is located on the town's few large cities such as Philadelphia , New York ... Do them every day for a few hours are going to buses and trains .

  • I had no trouble finding additional work . In the city are plenty of restaurants , casinos, outlet, in which can be found another job. As far as the town it is not exactly the safest and most secure , but if you find acomodation in a safer part of the city there should not be a problem.

  • There is a possibility of finding additional work people are friendly and communicative Nightlife is not predominantly expressed but there is plenty of bars where people gather and where you can spend time with your frineds

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