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  • I worked in the Department produce, my job was to slicing fruit and packaged in plastic containers, follow what is missing on the shelves, and accordingly do. It's not particularly hard, the manager was ok, I agreed to give me a fixed shift, so I worked from the beginning to the end of the program the same shift. The problem, especially for girls, is that it is in the room in which it is terribly cold (due to the natural fruit). In the beginning, it was ok, but as time went on and the temperature outside rose, they seem to have lowered the temperature. No double socks and two shirts under their uniforms could be done. It has been my experience, though, it was the girls who have not been so cold, depends on the person. I've even had a certain health problems due to cold and i was thinking of denunciation, however, I asked for fewer hours, which they complied with, since all the dr departments were full and could not asking for a transfer. No one would recommend this market to work for 8 down how much you get when you refuse taxes, just not worth it. The main managers are looking at the end just to shorten the hours, because already after August 10th they do not need such a large number of students, and they do not receive bass male bonuses push out the season with a hundred small cost (read employees' salaries). In the season they all had about 40 h, there were overtime, but never more than 51.52 h per week. I could not choose the department where I work, and then I heard from other students that some gave themselves to choose probably depends on the date on which you move and their needs. To be clear, I'm not someone who never did anything in my life, I worked many jobs and in Belgrade, changed a couple Affairs and the United States, or simply this is the worst employer until now. A quote for this job I accepted because I was late checked in, I could not much to choose, and I wanted east coast, so that was because they were not sure whether to have more activities after the March 16, . So if you are planning over Ayusa, as soon as you sign up as an advantage in the selection of operations with those of the earlier application.

  • Overall, my experience with the employer is not bad, but I never ever want go to work in the production department at the market because the abnormally cold. : D Anyway, in the beginning, we received a lot of hours, between 40 and 50, while the later is increasingly shrinking. I had a fixed schedule, so I could easily combine this first business with others. It was the minimum hourly rate for MA-10 $ and overtime was of $ 15.

  • Generally they are fair and correct, I had manager that filled all my requirements as regards working hours and shifts, but I'm working very physically demanding job, so I could hardly wait to finish my contract and I see my back. However, when they see that you're diligent and hard-working, they like to come and walk through all departments, so that they have the full season, when spic, someone who will come to the subsidies. So they marched me up to register, as well as produce. Best position did grocery department for men and for women definitely bakery.

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week: 36 Average tip (weekly): I worked in a butcher at the supermarket, packed meat products, meat grinder, filling shelves, serving customers, I also worked on the sale of seafood, and sometimes at the checkout on the package. Colleagues were great, I learned a lot from them, and it was a lot of fun in the butcher shop. With skilled managers I've also been very close, very correct and positive people. Business was not difficult.

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 40 Average tip ( weekly ) : They were always in the mood for compromise .

  • Wage per hour : 9 Number of hours per week : 25 Average tips : 0 The job meant chopping fruits and vegetables , packed in containers and placing declaration. The space in which it is extremely cold , virtually refrigerator that is not written in the contract. Any recommend to bypass this position if you are sensitive to cold. Also , I'm not sure if someone wants to spend the summer wearing 3 sweatshirt and two pairs of socks , and then go out to a temperature of 30+ All the Shaws had jumped in probles because it did not respect the minimum hourly wage in the contract ( 32h) . The Director of the supermarket gave us even 15h a week but fortunately the shop manager was always helping us and giving us few more hours . Help from Intrax as from Ayusa also, acording to timetable we did not get. 20 hours a week is not enough that someone survives in America if there he has no other work.

  • Hourly rate 9 $, 13.5$ overtime Number of hours per week : 80 Average tip (weekly ): 0 Working in the market , filing shelves with goods , control expiration dates of products, later I got paid overtime, so I had an 80 hours a week.

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