Seafood house, Surfside beach, South Carolina, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
For the second year I went to the Ideas agency in USA , very pleased with the selection of agencies and job (of course with their assistance and help ) . Very professional in his work , was accompanied by me from the very beginning and find a job , to collect the necessary papers to sign to departure to the embassy . Even as we have found the best price flights although it is not their responsibility . Anyway score 5 than 5.

Experience with location Surfside Beach, SC was positive.
Finding extra work was very possible, even some people were able to find a job and all 3, depending on the timetable and obligations on your core business. As for the climate in South Carolina and is more than fantastic, if you are looking for a place where you will enjoy doing while it's Surfside beach right place. In the summer, very hot temperature of 35 - 40 degrees. -Long sandy beaches are great, the ocean is very warm without the jellyfish and other beasts that can spoil your holiday, after all we're talking about the ocean and there is all possible :). In addition, the chances are that you'll find himself apartment with swimming pool right underneath your terrace because 95% of the buildings in this area have their own private swimming pools, so i'm going to the ocean eventually fall into oblivion :). As for the local population generally to all families that have come to rest, very nice people who come to their homes on the beach to enjoy. The right place for a holiday. If you want to get out in the evening, in addition to the city of Myrtle Beach where all the clubs, beach bars, shopping centers, simply place is full at that time, the distance of some 4-5 miles.

Experience with employer Seafood House was positive.
Hours: 2:15 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: 90- 190 $ Position servers in this restaurant is meant coming to work 2 and 15 and preparing to open a restaurant that happens to 3pm. The functioning of the majority of restaurants in the United States is a little different than here in Serbia, that welcomes you at the entrance to the hostess asking for the number of people who come to dine with you and takes you right to the table. When guests sit down servers toward them, represent and explain the principle of restaurants, price Buffett, alcoholic beverages and nude spicialities. Since this restaurant specifically buffet (Which means that the food is placed and presented so that the guests serve themselves and choose what to eat) will not be a problem and fear for students who have never been waiters to cope with this job. Your job as a server to make pizza away and that they are constantly topping up since in these supplements free (of course alcoholic beverages are incurred for each). We help them if there are things that can not be found on the Buffett. Payment is made exclusively with the server, so that you directly or you get a tip Tips for someone who is not a written rule, from 10 to 20%, of course, nothing that is not mandatory so expect those who leave and 3-5% but also people who leaving up to 50-60% of all depending on yourself and your services.

This review represents personal opinion of Njegoslav Mladjen who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Ideas, working at Seafood House in Surfside Beach, SC.

Aug 7, 2016