Dave and Busters, Orlando, Florida, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
Mostly they helped us whenever needed, we had little problems, but everything was solved.

Experience with location Orlando, FL was neutral.
A beautiful city, full of amusement parks, nightlife is a bit weaker. Many restaurants and hotels were in our vicinity, but they were not in labor scarcity, so it was difficult to find another job, half of the students managed to do two jobs, I didn't. Cheaper accommodation was possible to find , we were at the hotel, we shared a double room for $ 300 a week, we had a swimming pool and a gym at our disposal (we did not have time to go: p)

Experience with employer Dave and Busters was negative.
About profits, it's a good place, possible overtime, solid tips, on average about $ 80 a day (depending on how long you are doing). As far as everything else is concerned, I do not have any words of praise, mostly not very happy atmosphere at work, managers - hack.

This review represents personal opinion of Damir who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Ideas, working at Dave and Busters in Orlando, FL.

Oct 17, 2017