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  • The restaurant is very nice and crowded, daily pass about 600 guests. In the beginning it was very difficult because I had arrived, I had no experience, the boss forces you to do this, not some schedule, mine was 5 + tips. But later, when I proved to be a valuable and painstaking :) and they gave me a higher rate of pay, longer working hours and bribing me, when is a good shift. They even helped me find a second job. In the end they turned out really fair, at least to me.

  • Hours: 2:15 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: 90- 190 $ Position servers in this restaurant is meant coming to work 2 and 15 and preparing to open a restaurant that happens to 3pm. The functioning of the majority of restaurants in the United States is a little different than here in Serbia, that welcomes you at the entrance to the hostess asking for the number of people who come to dine with you and takes you right to the table. When guests sit down servers toward them, represent and explain the principle of restaurants, price Buffett, alcoholic beverages and nude spicialities. Since this restaurant specifically buffet (Which means that the food is placed and presented so that the guests serve themselves and choose what to eat) will not be a problem and fear for students who have never been waiters to cope with this job. Your job as a server to make pizza away and that they are constantly topping up since in these supplements free (of course alcoholic beverages are incurred for each). We help them if there are things that can not be found on the Buffett. Payment is made exclusively with the server, so that you directly or you get a tip Tips for someone who is not a written rule, from 10 to 20%, of course, nothing that is not mandatory so expect those who leave and 3-5% but also people who leaving up to 50-60% of all depending on yourself and your services.

  • Hourly: 2.13 Number of hours per week : 40 Average tip : 100-150 Since this is a buffet , job servers that serve pizza , changing the plates and to always be there for the customer , especially when you need to collect .

  • Seafood House owned by two Armenians, very very demanding and accurate people. This means that they have certain requirements and standards if you meet, you will have a very good profit. On the other hand, they provide a chance for Server positions to people who have not ever worked and who do not have perfect English so it would be desirable that the interview not lying-in for the experience because you will get a job if you have no experience on the other hand, if you say that you have experience they will see it in the first two days of your work. Earnings were extremely correct and some average would be about $ 120 a day for those who are not doing the job, and had no experience and those who come with experience and who will be able to withstand pressure and to serve more tables than others at the same time will have a secure 150 per day and sometimes much more. As for me I have respected, I worked two months and three weeks without a day that was my desire because I had another job, it never should. The city is for each recommendation, because it is very cheap for a life on the ocean is 10 minutes away from each home, in Myrtle Beach, you have a very favorable Tanger Outlet shopping malls and a good nightlife.

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