Sea Ketch, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
no better, all recommendations

Experience with location Hampton Beach, NH was neutral.
Hempton , a little town , two streets as the main one has a club to go out ( God forbid me ) , super sandy beach , in the top 5 beaches in the USA , long, clean water or ice , there is only fast food shops , some restaurants call , and souvenirs motels hotels .. large hall for concerts .. everywhere working students , Moldovans , Russians, NASA , Bulgarians , Slovaks , Americans . The city is full of tourists if the weather is nice , tourists mainly come for 2-3 days ... weekend tourists There are other things to do , easily located .. all generally work two jobs , even three, so if you do not do these two jobs will be bored all day alone ... I worked two jobs for a month , but I was fired because season was bad, I could not find another job after .. at least I was every day on the beach and enjoyed If I'd choose now I would not go there again .. bored , you do not even know where to spend the money .. store some normal 15 minutes taxi ride .. can imagine how it was for us when was the greatest experience was to go to the store , the Wal-Mart ...

Experience with employer Sea Ketch was neutral.
Wage per hour: 10 Number of hours per week : 42 briefly restaurant is on 4 floors, Busy is July and August only and only if the weather is good , if it's raining or cold send workers home ... living in a house on two floors , $ 100 per week , there are about 10-15 rooms, living room with TV , has wifi , kitchen , three bathrooms, one bathroom ... all this for 20-30 people .. hygiene is not at some big level , but you'll survive. Rooms are double and triple , and small . Basically there are Moldovans , Bulgarians , Serbs and Macedonians ... House next to the restaurant , you should not have guests in the house ..

This review represents personal opinion of nikola who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Prestige Education, working at Sea Ketch in Hampton Beach, NH.

Aug 13, 2016