Marguerite motel, Hampton Beach, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Twice I went to America via the W & T program. The first time through AYUS agency and they are really OK .

Experience with location Hampton Beach, NH was positive.
A small tourist town on the ocean . A handful of hotels / motels . There are also a couple of restaurants, a couple of shops, stalls and plenty of fast food , ice cream and the like . The possibility of finding another job is great. Nightlife boils down to Wally 's Pub , which comes most students . Mondays and Wednesdays are the good parties are often unable to hook up with one of the many female students who also came through the W & T . If you know the right things , then you will often hang out at home parties. The season lasts a relatively short time. Busy is a 2 months , July-August , and June and the beginning of September ( to Seafood fest . ) Is the way , not very busy .

Experience with employer Ships-Inn-Store was positive.
Motel 8 $ / h + 1 $ bonus if you stay until the end of the season. The action - 8.5 $ / h. Job description: Motel : General help- At 7:30 am I come to work. First, water the flowers in pots , and then I'm going to clean the pool area and the pool . After helping the housekeeper - have around the room . Amounts are dirty linen, towels , garbage , etc . Enough hiding in storerooms and rooms, where there is no what to do .. :) So until 1: 30-2 : 00 pm. Cashier- This job is a very joyful ! :) I 've worked in a small shop. I sit all the time on the trot and relaxing :) Just to say that the store did not have a list at the end of the day / week / month / season : D So it was all for free . I fed like a king ! And not to mention that I was the main distributor of beer for the whole house where we lived about 15 ... :)) ) Working hours : 3:00 pm-0:00

This review represents personal opinion of Sale who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2009 with agency AYUSA, working at Ships-Inn-Store in Hampton Beach, NH.

Jul 15, 2016