Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz, California, USA, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was negative.
I believe that they are negligent , because they does not inform on weather , frivolous-because they do not want to provide information . Uninterested to try and explain the requirements of the program . Overall, they have a lot of members, but it would be more trying on new members if they are not needed , that's my impression.

Experience with location Santa Cruz, CA was positive.
The climate is very stable , but it is not as warm as I expected . Since it is located beside the city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean , he can blow a cool breeze . The temperature is around 26-29 degrees C. Rains almost was not for 4 months. i recommend that you bring clothes , jacket ! Mornings and nights are not . really fresh. Nature is phenomenal. In the surroundings you can see pelicans , a variety of different beautiful little birds , squirrels , sea lions , otters , dolphins , and who is lucky to be standing and the whale . Beautiful ' redwood ' forests , beautiful rocky coastline. Santa Cruz is a great place for nature lovers. The town is small, does not have a nightlife. Everything closes around 12 at night, only has pubs , cafes . The city is decorated, clean, cute. The only criticism is that there is a loooot of homeless (not dangerous ) , people who beg. In the vicinity there are a couple of shopping centers with a solid choice. There is also a local bus that is clean and accurate . The food is a little more expensive, and not all GMO has Organic .

Experience with employer Santa Cruz Seaside Company was positive.
Hours: 8.25 Number of hours per week: 30 Average tips: 0 As far as the job I got a ride operator position-which they are awarded. And besides there are positions: game operator, and work in fast food. Overall, I'm not happy because I had a small number of working hours, the salary is small, but I got a raise of 25 cents. So it's not a place where you can earn good. I worked for three months, of which only paid accommodation and barely cover the program that I paid. So without second job you can not buy even food. The job is easy, indeed, have good training and this would be recommended to people aged 16-18. Accommodation is very close, which is an advantage. In the vicinity there are tourist shops, restaurants, motels, which may be potential to find another errand. It is best to look for a job at a restaurant because there is greater chance of tips. There are plenty of shops in the center, but I think it is harder to get a job here. It is not easy to find another job because there so many restaurants and so on., But who is persistent will find.

This review represents personal opinion of Jelena Radovanović who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Santa Cruz Seaside Company in Santa Cruz, CA.

Aug 3, 2016