Santa Cruz, CA

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  • The place is superb, the job was (semi) on the beach. Sun, but not very warm. Santa Cruz is a surfer town .. and has that laid back vibe. 70 miles south of San Francisco we did a few day-trips there. As location, excellent. Recommend.

  • You really have what to do there. City with lots of fun, clubs, bars, restaurants ... there are lots of parties on the beach. And many beautiful places nearby, such as SF, LA, Las Vegas ...

  • The place is called Santa Cruz and I stayed with a unique memory because I had a view from our room direct to the ocean, everyone helps us when we were unclear in some respects, an experience that I would like to repeat each year in the same place if I could ❤️

  • How about Santa Cruz ... this is a nice town with exits at the ocean, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, clubs and cinemas ... You can have fun and relax on the free days. You can easy find a second job. However, the biggest advantage, I think, is 1h from San Francisco. With all the warmth I recommend! It was perfect to me! Succes and have fun!

  • The climate is very stable , but it is not as warm as I expected . Since it is located beside the city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean , he can blow a cool breeze . The temperature is around 26-29 degrees C. Rains almost was not for 4 months. i recommend that you bring clothes , jacket ! Mornings and nights are not . really fresh. Nature is phenomenal. In the surroundings you can see pelicans , a variety of different beautiful little birds , squirrels , sea lions , otters , dolphins , and who is lucky to be standing and the whale . Beautiful ' redwood ' forests , beautiful rocky coastline. Santa Cruz is a great place for nature lovers. The town is small, does not have a nightlife. Everything closes around 12 at night, only has pubs , cafes . The city is decorated, clean, cute. The only criticism is that there is a loooot of homeless (not dangerous ) , people who beg. In the vicinity there are a couple of shopping centers with a solid choice. There is also a local bus that is clean and accurate . The food is a little more expensive, and not all GMO has Organic .

  • There were opportunities in restaurants , depending on when they are looking for ... small town , but very pleasant , on the coast ... Near San Francisco , and San Jose 's. Air - warmer during the day , but mornings and evenings cool .. Accommodation: Price $ 130 per 2 weeks ... apartment was great for us 4 girls dark ... and well equipped ( furniture, kitchen utensils) . Do not expect anything special ( because it is not ) , but it is solid .

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