Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
They have fulfilled all told in advance :-)

Experience with location Santa Cruz, CA was positive.
There were opportunities in restaurants , depending on when they are looking for ... small town , but very pleasant , on the coast ... Near San Francisco , and San Jose 's. Air - warmer during the day , but mornings and evenings cool .. Accommodation: Price $ 130 per 2 weeks ... apartment was great for us 4 girls dark ... and well equipped ( furniture, kitchen utensils) . Do not expect anything special ( because it is not ) , but it is solid .

Experience with employer Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was neutral.
$ 8 , no tip , no. hours was the minimum wage 32-35 Job description: managing the traffic , at first glance sounds difficult, because you can work on more serious driving, where everything depends on you , but after you leaders explain all the details, easy job :-) Unfortunately salary was not exactly as expected , but there is always a minus ...

This review represents personal opinion of Anja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.

Jul 16, 2016