Publix” supermarket i “Shoneys” restoran, Panama City Beach, Florida, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
Owner agency's totally fair and responsible.

Experience with location Panama City Beach, FL was positive.
The place where we were accommodated called Panama City Beach, Florida state . The city is predominantly a tourist with a huge hotel on the beach but it is a little while . Like any large competitions town full of only during the summer. Panama City Beach as a place for finding another job is solid , it depends on what you want to do. I managed to find another job, but it was not easy , you have to be persistent.

Experience with employer Publix was positive.
Hours : supermarket 10.5 $ per hour , the restaurant $ 4.77 + tip Number of hours per week : supermarket : 36-46h , 25-30h restaurant Average tip : tip in a restaurant between $ 30-120 per day Work at the supermarket was just fine . Work consisted of filling shelves with new and supplementing the old products, unloading trucks , etc . The people I worked with were very pleasant. The restaurant business is like any other job as a waiter . Your mission is to be kind and serve people as best as possible , of course I of which will depend on the height of your tips.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksa Simanic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Ideas, working at Publix in Panama City Beach, FL.

Aug 3, 2016