Panama City Beach, FL

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  • It is a tourist city located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is characterized by crystal clear waters and wide sugar - white sandy beaches. And not without reason called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

  • A quiet little town, a car is more than desirable, as public transport is not the best. They say that the season was bad, but who wanted could found job at the hotels as housekeeper.

  • PCB is a beautiful place, and not without reason they say they have the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is very hot in summer, the humidity that is too high. I had the good fortune to be close to Pier Park which is the day almost all happens. During the day is a lot of tourists and the beaches are full. The only drawback is that everything closes at midnight, but if you want a club and have some fun, La Vela and Spinnaker Coyote ugly (the three most popular club) are situated almost 15km and you need a car or taxi. Taxi is expensive. Public transport, there is a bus which knows no timetable or a route. So it's a miracle to stab him. My recommendation to everyone is to purchase a bike, good will come of it all. Within ppier park-and you have all the necessary wallmart, restaurants, cafes, fast-food, and this town for shopping. Small shops (retail stores) are expensive and high in prices, large chain stores like Forever 21 and marshalls are quite favorable. If you work in pier park, everywhere you can seek a discount, ie pier park employee discount. Does not apply in large chain stores or restaurants that. If your employer does not provide accommodation, my recommendation is emerald bay motel apartments . At 10 minutes from pier park. Costs $ 75 a week or forget about privacy. Buddha by you four in one room. You have two large beds, mini kitchen , bathroom , tv, wi fi and air conditioning. If you have time , take a day to visit the Conservation Park . A beautiful protected area , has 6 trails of different length . The longest is 11milles . If you want to walk or ride a bike (recommendation : do not go does the orange bike on the track , half of the track is sandy and weep with envy at half distance . I know from experience : D). From the plaza , to me personally is the most beautiful Laguna Beach. Camp Helen State Park , and Destin sure to go if you have the time and manner . Cypress springs , only if you have the luck to meet local friends who will be willing to drive you there ( 40 miles from the PCB , but just look at the pictures and everything will be clear :)) . Restaurants : The most convincingly Salty Sue 's and Boon Docks . Boone Docks in the waiting , and more than an hour on the table , but it's worth . It is good and Dusty 's oyster bar and olive garden . There are a lot of fish restaurants and they are all good. Of the trips have to offer swimming with dolphins (open sea or Gulf World marine park) , parasailing , shell island, helicopter, and frankly, too expensive and are not worth much. I'm screwed to shell island, I have not gotten over these 17 $ :) VERY IMPORTANT: The weather is changing with unprecedented speed. It could be 40 degrees and the time that the cloudiness that comes unprecedented downpour. If I go to the beach and see if the weather is changeable MUST keep ZIP BAGS , one for the freezer . My roommates were pocrkali phones because we were on the beach struck such a splash, and all the things we were wet. They are very useful for phones , cameras and other technology Sim card there is no need to buy , the cheapest at Walmart $ 40 and really do not need . Wi fi is everywhere , so you can comfortably use Facebook , Skype , Viber and WhatsApp. Wear a compulsory ID card with you , or at least a copy of the passport , the majority of bars will not let you go if you are younger than 21, even if they do not intend to drink alcohol . For those who want to drink something in the evening after work and little to perish late, the only place that is open until 4:30 the whiskeys saloon . Everything else is already close to midnight . I apologize for writing a lengthy , but my wish is to introduce what better place where I enjoyed three and a half months , and which would be immediately returned ( to be ) , all future WAT students will have the chance to go to a PCB :)

  • Panama city beach- a small tourist town on the Mexican coast . A place with beautiful beaches and a lot of tourists in one place . Since this is a tourist town was very difficult to be unable to get to another job because all employers are looking for workers who will remain to work the past season.

  • A small tourist town , bad public transport, trolleybus goes once an hour , a taxi is expensive. Movement , bicycle, pedestrian , trolls, so that the limited movement of hundreds automatically limits the possibility of another job. If the goal is fun and meeting people PCB is an excellent place, but not for a big profit .

  • Panama city beach , Florida , typical seasonal city , small town , along the ocean .

  • Panama City Beach, Florida - a town with a small population, actual in the summer period, although located near larger cities with larger populations ... Please note, this area is currently only in the summer. The disadvantage is that the season lasts only a month (up to a month and a half) ... At the beginning of August there is none, because the kids to school and everyone starts coming back ... I literally have nothing to do ... Very bad experience with finding another job ... Because we were for such a small town of no more than 60 Serbs with the same goal ... I was lucky, but my friend helped me with that ... He found himself a job, however, the man asked for more workers ... in him we initially worked as done in the supermarket, but after he insisted that it should be only days off ... Here is our hourly rate was $ 8.25, and for this reason it we not reported (that we were logged employer would take a percentage) ... be careful with whom you work, or with whom you work, what are the payers ...

  • Small undeveloped tourist town . It is easy to find another job , I changed 3 additional jobs.

  • The place where we were accommodated called Panama City Beach, Florida state . The city is predominantly a tourist with a huge hotel on the beach but it is a little while . Like any large competitions town full of only during the summer. Panama City Beach as a place for finding another job is solid , it depends on what you want to do. I managed to find another job, but it was not easy , you have to be persistent.

  • I specifically did not ask for another job , or people who wanted to work did not have problems with finding a job , it is poorly organized transport around the city , the city is a small, tourist , but there are plenty of discotheques and clubs , the climate is perfect , as the city is at the sea..

  • The place is nice , the city is on the coast , the beach is beautiful .

  • The city is beautiful , the beaches are amazing , nightlife is very good, there are a lot of young people ... As for other work , very difficult, no one wants to hire you , because there all employers employing over contractors , and contractors are themselves bastards of people who view their employees as slaves. Accommodation: $ 300 per month , accommodation is in large Corners , 10-12 , mostly there are 3 rooms. Be a little crowded in the kitchen, but he knows to be interesting :)

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