Publix, Panama City Beach, Florida, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was neutral.
Nick, the man who is not interested in anything from the moment the program begins, from the moment you arrive in the USA .

Experience with location Panama City Beach, FL was negative.
Panama City Beach, Florida - a town with a small population, actual in the summer period, although located near larger cities with larger populations ... Please note, this area is currently only in the summer. The disadvantage is that the season lasts only a month (up to a month and a half) ... At the beginning of August there is none, because the kids to school and everyone starts coming back ... I literally have nothing to do ... Very bad experience with finding another job ... Because we were for such a small town of no more than 60 Serbs with the same goal ... I was lucky, but my friend helped me with that ... He found himself a job, however, the man asked for more workers ... in him we initially worked as done in the supermarket, but after he insisted that it should be only days off ... Here is our hourly rate was $ 8.25, and for this reason it we not reported (that we were logged employer would take a percentage) ... be careful with whom you work, or with whom you work, what are the payers ...

Experience with employer Publix was neutral.
Sessions: $ 10.5 per hour Number of hours per week : max 40 Average tip : approximately 20 $ The moment when the customer comes to the counter , packaging products in bags , so the wheelchair and then according to customer packaging of the same goods in his car . In addition, we have worked and cleaning supermarkets depending on which shift comes . Everything is clean, virtually all ... As for a tip at the beginning of about 15$ , while not doing the right season that lasted only three weeks, and then it was up to 25$ ... this is the average count ... around 20$ in the beginning, but later on in the season 50$ ...

This review represents personal opinion of Dragana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Ideas, working at Publix in Panama City Beach, FL.

Aug 3, 2016