Locust Valley, NY

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  • The city is located about 30 minutes from New York City. Quiet and elite resort , to put it mildly , Heaven On Earth ...

  • Just outside the village, or an hour from Manhattan. In the vicinity there are several golf clubs, so it is easy to find an additional job .

  • Cozy little town , located near the NY and finding additional work is easy because there are many fast food restaurants and golf clubs in the vicinity . As far as the climate it is similar to ours, except that the air humidity is concerned, it is extremely humid .

  • The city is located on Long Island in less than 40 minutes from the center of NY . The town is a quiet village where live extremely wealthy and rich people . Within 4km located about 6 country clubs in and around just 10 fast food restaurants and about 3 mega markets , so it's easy finding additional work . But if you work in any country club you will not have the need for additional work. The place is very nice and quiet, but nightlife is reduced to bars and pubs nearby, but if you want to go to the city or any club , train station is nearby and they leave every 20 or so minutes . As far as the climate is very humid area for the sea , which is 15 minutes drive from the Bicycle Club in which I have worked , temperature reaches up to 35 degrees, but because of the moisture you have the feeling that it's 45 , rain can occur within a few minutes not announced, so you need to bring an umbrella just in case if you are planning to go on a tour to NY .

  • Job is located on Long Island , near the train station that takes you directly to New York City for a modest $ 9 in one direction. Finding another job is possible in hypermarkets and family restaurants. But if you are employed in the Creek Club for another job you will not have time, because you will have the chance to work overtime because of the large volume of work . Night life is very common both in the environment of the club , as well as in New York , of course. : D The climate is variable . Basically there is great humidity , which will real temperature of 30 degrees give the impression that ten more . The rains are frequent, chilly night . It is good to have a suit and sweater , umbrella, especially if you decide to spend a day in the city, because the weather changes take place within 5 minutes.

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