Piping Rock Club

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  • Wage per hour: $ 8.5 Hours per week: 60+ Wearing room service and assistance with guests luggage during the day and in the evening a job as a waiter in a restaurant of the same club.

  • Hourly rate: $ 8.5 Hours per week: 50 Average tip : / Generally, help in the kitchen, washing dishes , cleaning vegetables, washing the floor ... very pleased with the people who work there ...

  • Hourly rate 9 $; Number of hours per week : 60-80 depending on the needs; the average tip is : 200 + - a week; Attendant works in dressing room and keeps the same clear and he is there to assist guests if they need something ... towels , razor blades , and cleaning and polishing shoes ... good tips and that was my primary job in the club Server servs guests ... that was my second job in the same club

  • Hourly wage: 10; Hours per week: 80+; Average tip : No tip of club, free accommodation and food, an additional bonus at the end of the season; Porter job is to move the furniture and prepare a dinner and special events that are happening at the club the next day or that evening . Server servs foods to guests and need a remarkably high English knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry Bartender prepares and servs drinks to guests, along with the knowledge of English at the highest level , you need the knowledge and in making all kinds of cocktails and drinks which guests can request , I got this job because of the previous experience and knowledge of the language itself and recommendations.

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