Panera Bread, New York, New York, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was negative.
The employer did not put us on schedule. Mail that is sent to them on the issue did not have any character, only referred us to write to Intrax . ( In this story Ayusa is only an intermediary , a Intrax the one through which you actually receive a visa and everything else ) Also before going to America for those who do not know.. advantage in obtaining a job has one who first apply, which means who ever apply later to the program has less chances to get the job he want . We signed up in December and we were in a group of late reported . Therefore for virtually every job that we wanted we did not have the advantage.

Experience with location New York City, NY was positive.
For New York only say praise. City where you have thousands of possibilities and options. Nothing in the beginning was not easy, but as soon as you little get into it, it is becoming easier and easier. :) The possibility of finding a job, is huge but again have to start from somewhere, a condition difficult. When you find a first job, very easy to find, and second and third and contacts at all. The city is a collection of life but again not something that can not be done and make money. Whoever has second thoughts around New York whether to go or not, my answer is always yes. People will not regret it for sure! If not anything else living and working in the city in many dreams. Everyone get back what they invested, even they have earned beyond of that. Now of course it all depends on when they work, how to earn and how much is spent. But really everyone with whom I was, and lived in New York have earned invested, bought some of the techniques and traveled as far as they were able, or took the rest of their money back. As for the climate the summers are hot as hell and very humid, the weather changes very quickly, the time it rains and the wind blows but also very quickly returned to normal. Very similar to our climate and even i can say the same.

Experience with employer Panera Bread was negative.
Wage per hour: 8.75 $ Number of hours per week: 15 Average tips: 0 The negative experience is for the simple reason because we have not been scheduled. Panera has otherwise been accommodated in Brooklyn (Downtown Brookyn). When we got there first failed to comply with the start of the contract, we began to work a week later than planned dates and the date that was in the contract. When we started to work and they put us within two or three days, and after four to five hours a day. Hourly rate fo us was terribly small. Weekly we did not have twenty hours, and we were paid $ 8.75 per hour. After a month and a half they told us to go on Holiday, I sad to them that we arrived at the Holiday, for us this program is actualy holiday. Then they told us we'll call you. We called them about three weeks, and pray that put us on the schedule on what they were saying we'll put you .. In the end we've no longer been in this schedule. We have given up on that storie and we did not work for them anymore, and they were not interested where we are and what we are doing ... But although the experience with Panera Bread was negative, really everything else is more than positive. I worked as a server in Astoria in a cafe in Manhattan, the host I worked in a restaurant in Times Sq and I worked catering for girls .. my advice to you is to work as servers because it has a really good tips, guys have the possibility of a hill server to the moving course and other activities .. Whatever you're doing and where you are, especially if you're in New York you'll see it's worth every penny. Naturally sometimes it can be difficult for few moments, but in the end it's all irrelevant, because it was too beautiful. Experience was priceless! Anyone who has the opportunity should go and see what they can and can not do, and realize that thay actyally everything can do. :) Greetings!

This review represents personal opinion of Katarina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency AYUSA, working at Panera Bread in New York City, NY.

Aug 9, 2016