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  • Job at the Statue of Liberty is safe, throughout the program and you're in NY!

  • About NY I have nothing to say :) I think that everyone was in NY at least a few days. Total insanity: D

  • I stayed in New York City ... what to say ... it's like a miniature pamond ... you find absolutely what you want and what you don't want ... possibilities for spending your free time are a lot and extremely diverse. .. rides, clubs, bars, specultacols, sports events, etc. Life is expensive because a house rent and transportation are expensive. Otherwise, it's not really expensive ... who's going, just to take care of where he works, the distances are enormous ... it doesn't compare to anything we have in Romania.

  • I worked in New York. It's an incredible city! It completely changes your perception and makes you understand the notion of freedom better

  • Amazing experience. Work in a country club. Transport from the airport as well as accommodation and food is provided.

  • I can't be more satisfied with the location

  • New York, probably all imagine it as something infinitely beautiful elite . New York is just the opposite . The break-up of the streets , the stench everywhere, trash , rats ... Let to ignore all of this , what I lived for 4 months , can not survive in any other city wherever you go. NY is expensive , it is hard to earn money to return, but the experience is priceless. What is seen on a daily basis is something that will forever remain in my memory .

  • New York is the best city in the world so there are opportunities for all of the additional work to a night out and really never get bored in New York , although the possibility of earnings and is not great because the high costs .

  • New York is a huge city so it can be to find a job yet , :) However if you do not have someone there with whom you lived and who was not helped you recommend to students who are going to go for the first time in NY because it is quite expensive to live and if more someone wants to see it is best to go on seven days a tourist ! :)

  • For New York only say praise. City where you have thousands of possibilities and options. Nothing in the beginning was not easy, but as soon as you little get into it, it is becoming easier and easier. :) The possibility of finding a job, is huge but again have to start from somewhere, a condition difficult. When you find a first job, very easy to find, and second and third and contacts at all. The city is a collection of life but again not something that can not be done and make money. Whoever has second thoughts around New York whether to go or not, my answer is always yes. People will not regret it for sure! If not anything else living and working in the city in many dreams. Everyone get back what they invested, even they have earned beyond of that. Now of course it all depends on when they work, how to earn and how much is spent. But really everyone with whom I was, and lived in New York have earned invested, bought some of the techniques and traveled as far as they were able, or took the rest of their money back. As for the climate the summers are hot as hell and very humid, the weather changes very quickly, the time it rains and the wind blows but also very quickly returned to normal. Very similar to our climate and even i can say the same.

  • Shelter Island is an island in the state of New York . A tourist place in the summer there are up to 30,000 residents. Visitors can exercise different activities . On the island are golf courses , tenis courts, a nightclub near the beaches , hotels ...

  • - I have personally been too busy to have time for another job . " Fortunately ," I worked every day , so for another job and I did not need . Anyway , I was in contact with people who have found other work , and with people who are from other cities came to NYC . In NYC there is a possibility of finding another job , at least according to the experiences of other students , but can be quite annoying , as they have people Accident . If you thought that all that you are smiling and being kind , you are wrong , because in NYC this is a rarity . In a city that does not sleep , the city in which everyone wants to come , logically at least Americans , and is very often the case that you have a communication problem . It is not unusual that you people in the street say, " This is New York , son , everything else is America ." - I've already mentioned how people are , and this is definitely the thing you have to get used to if you want to live and work in NYC . Since my students we can not afford to live in Manhattan , at least not most of us, we have to find rooms / apartments at remote places of Brooklyn and Queens Bronx while I would not recommend the apartment . Depending on where you find the apartment / room you should know that you will probably live in an area where more speak Spanish, Russian or Polish , but English , which automatically means that the manner of these people different , which in the end gives a different picture of where and who live in the region. I believe that most of you heard about America that is all nice and clean , cultural and tight , and those who were elsewhere in the United States should be willing to totally different picture . - What I would rather have added info about finding a room / apartment. For those who do not already know , it is extremely difficult to find a room / apartment in NYC , especially for those who came to the " self - placemant " option . In fact , in NYC this is the greatest stress , even for those who have been living there . In a few sentences I will say the most important thing , but who wants can personally ask me if something interests : - If you need to find your own apartment , you should know that the room must have a minimum of $ 500 a month ( in the ideal case ) , depending on where you want to live , or where you need to live , because of the nature of work that you will do . If that is not a variant with someone you already know , you have to know that 99 % of people out there looking for " security deposit " one month in advance and if you are taking apartment , some seeking and " broker fee " , so calculate yourself how much you initially be $ . - If you are coming with someone and want to rent an apartment , for this you have to pay around $ 1,100 / $ 1,200 per month on up , for studio or one bedroom apartment . For larger apartments ( two bedroom ) Prices range from $ 1,800 on up and so on . - The most painless way of finding housing that already have someone in NYC . It's really the least painful , because in our circles in NYC can be found room / apartment in the framework of the price , but perhaps to go and cheaper if a friendly (which is rare ) - If you are looking for an apartment over the Internet , it would be best to seek the parameters "no broker fee " and hope that the landlord will not seek security deposit . As for the room , the easier the situation as if the person that you be issued a room , probably to seek " just " security deposit , which is again less painful option. - As far as location is concerned, I can not single out some locations where along the thorough search can find fine room or apartment , and they are: BROOKLYN : Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Ridgewood, Bedford, Bushwick (southern part) QUEENS : Long Island City, Astoria, Sunny Side, Elmhurst, Rego Park. If you're lucky, or can afford, personally would recommend Brooklyn Heights, Crown Heights, DUMBO. These are all areas in Brooklyn that are very nice but a bit expensive for life. Of course, as to the choice of location, it's an individual thing, but this is the advice based on personal experience, but I can say that because of the nature of work was highly mobile and I was able to get through all these locations up and down many times in 5 months in NYC. - As for the climate years, I can say that to me personally was hard to get used to the extreme humidity in NY. Fortunately, when I was (2013), these days it was a little unusual, but I was lucky with that. Otherwise, in the days of increased air humidity in NY is the simplest terms, not breathing, so that when working hard, and usually is the case with all season, must be ready to lose weight. In those days, the water must be with you every moment. - Overall, my W & amp; T experience in NYC is anything but usual. Extremely fast pace of life, getting up every day at 5AM that I arrived at the train in the subway-in, working all day and coming home in the evening was my everyday life. In NY is all very far away so that travel from point A to point B is a daily menu to take away a couple of hours. In such circumstances, you need to think quickly and not spend too much time on the things you're used to spend, for example. drinking coffee in the morning;). Life in NYC I was taught a lot of things, because the business environment is extremely harsh. There are all working 10 to 12 hours a day and it is quite normal. The nature of my job was such that we work every day was not just guaranteed, but more if necessary, and it taught me to fight for every working hour, because he lives in NYC very expensive, so if you're not working today in the loss you have a minimum of $ 50 and often, and more. And that's one of the characteristics of this city, what in almost the whole of the United States costs $ 1 in NYC cost $ 02.05 roughly. It is true that a lot of earning but also costs much higher. - Finally, I returned satisfied. I fulfilled the purpose for which I went to, and if I get an opportunity I will probably go again. I hope I'm not missing something! Greeting, Milos

  • I did not had another job because I did not had a need for it but I think it is very easy to find

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