OPL; Harborside Hotel and Marina, Bar Harbor, Maine, US JIM

Experience with agency US JIM was positive.
Correct, I had one problem in USA where they helped me when I contacted them... Agency is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I'm writing experience for the job to avoid it.

Experience with location Bar Harbor, ME was positive.
The city is good, almost everyone who was looking for the second or the third job, found it. Nice city, it's all at walking distance, and it's very safe.

Experience with employer OPL was negative.
Very bad. There are some positive things that I've always had 40h / week, and fixed hours from 7 am to 15 pm. But the job is a disaster, and don't think it's up to me, the boy who works the same summer (2018) as a bellman a year ago was a groundkeeper, and he was delighted at the same level as mine, but it was better for him since they were two guys, and I've been doing it alone all the time, which killed me. I was looking for at least 32 hours a week, and I had a fight with the manager, so I asked for another accommodation (independent of the current employer) from the beginning of July, and I didn't succeed, because the situation with accommodation is disaster, it is impossible to find something else. But with the same employer OPL (3 hotels and restaurants) I recommend the position of the server, and especially bellman (they turn very good money and a easy job).

This review represents personal opinion of Jozef who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency US JIM, working at OPL in Bar Harbor, ME.

Nov 23, 2018