OPL (ocean properties) , Bar Harbor, Maine, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
They were totally correct. Excellent are prepared and informed me for an interview with an employer, an interview at the embassy, and I'm staying put. The same people who preparing you, were participants in the program.

Experience with location Bar Harbor, ME was positive.
First, I went to first offer I get, and it was Bar Harbor. Honestly, I've never heard of this place but what I immediately liked the fact that it is on an island that is a national park. I can tell you that I made a mistake because the nature of the beautiful ocean just as many cold and not really for swimming, only for the very brave.  On the island, where there are more lakes can swim, but you have to find them because they are part of hiking trails. Also on these tracks hiking "win" the mountain tops because of some real challenge to climb and can be dangerous. Therefore, follow the instructions and do not deviate from the trail. For those who like to cruise, secured boat tours are free with proof that you work for a company OPL.  The town is very small and the people are very kind. Everyone will come out to meet you for everything you need. Small town has its advantages because you can get everywhere on foot and somehow life is completely calm and stress-free (at least that's how I experienced). For all gluttonous, there are a lot of different restaurants (except Serbian, but there are a barbecue in the yard so that the Serbs gather the rest of the world: D). Nightclubs are not something, because there is only one pub and one bar open until 1 am. Thursdays is organized Balkan greater if take our music.

Experience with employer OPL was positive.
I worked as a bellman at the Bar Harbor Regency - Holliday Inn, 40 hours per week without the possibility of overtime, the hourly rate $ 7.5 + tip. As for tips, there are no rules. It happened to me that I could hardly raise one week $ 250 kickback while I had a nearly 700 $ (but it was only one week: D). Let's say the average is somewhere around 400 $ a week. Since you pay immediately charged accommodation and taxes. Accommodation was $ 95 and taxes of some $ 30-odd week. Check duly arrived every Friday at 2h.   The essence of the job is to be kind, to help guests with luggage on arrival and departure of moving from room to room, as well as providing information about the hotel, attractiveness and developments on the island. Business itself is such that you will meet many different people and you will have some very interesting experiences that will make you more beautiful days. Some of my advice for future Belma that they are always smiling, friendly, cultural, editorial, and to place themselves in the position of "ambassador" of the hotel. You are the first person guests will get in touch, so you should leave the best impression. You need to set up to appeal to guests and eventually become friends with them. Believe me it is much better to achieve good contact with the guests and therefore if you time pass faster and nicer and you will not have to worry for the tip :). Not everyone is in the mood for a communication to you to judge when and how to set up the way you think it should be, but always doing their job professionally and properly.  The hotel consists of 3 buildings and a house that is used for weddings and conferences. There are a total of 288 rooms and usually one Belma shift. Some guests do not ask for help, but sometimes you just 10 of them seeks the same time, so be ready for the chase. There is also the worst she sorta what you take carts and does not return to you a basic working tool. Not by chance does not give the guest the last trolley and always have one that will hide in the event that you and the last to disappear.  The staff was great and I gained many friendships. The management is very friendly and you can always contact them anything that you need. As for food, there are 2 restaurants within the hotel and can be ordered, and has a free meal during the shifts for all employees, as well as a buffet at 11am. Pica are free and of course it is forbidden to consume alcohol.   We had no pool attendant so I next to my main job had to change towels at the pool, which is in the season was very hard. Also, when I have time, I helped other colleagues in other positions.  The company provides you with accommodation, with whom I so satisfied. It is a house (former hotel) with about 20 rooms, a common kitchen, dining room, 2 living rooms, laundry, 2 large terraces and a spacious yard. Rooms for 2,3,4 or 5 people. Each room has its own bathroom, towels, bed linen, fridge, microwave, tv, wifi, ... There are jobs for everyone who wants to work. I really did not need the extra work because I earn enough. My advice is to enjoy the beauty of Bar Harbor, unite and do not overdo it as to the additional jobs, but it all depends on what your goals are staying in USA. Hello :)

This review represents personal opinion of Nemanja Bursac who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at OPL in Bar Harbor, ME.

Nov 26, 2016