716 Sport Bar, Buffalo, NY, US JIM

Experience with agency US JIM was positive.
The agency is great, nicely done their part of the job.

Experience with location Buffalo, NY was negative.
The location was close to the South Campus, which is not so bad given that lots of students live close (most of them come when the W&T program ends), but the problem is the poor neighborhood around, even locals know that it's a bad neighborhood, during my stay there were shooting and murders. I personally didn't have problems, but I don't recommend Lasalle.

Experience with employer 716 restaurant was positive.
Very few hours from the beginning, later I got over 30 hours per week, possible retraining for another position. Excellent working environment and co-workers. Near the Canalside, it is located right in front of the last tram station in Downtown. Recommend immediately to search second job if you want additional income, but if you want to work lightly this will be enough.

This review represents personal opinion of Marko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency US JIM, working at 716 restaurant in Buffalo, NY.

Oct 27, 2018