OPL, Bar Harbor, Maine, Special Agency Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
Excellent cooperation with the agency. The friendly staff. All notices arrived on time and everything that was promised is filled with max. Walking classes of English in order to prepare for a job interview at the embassy and they were excellent and very helpful. All in all recommendations.

Experience with location Bar Harbor, ME was positive.
The location is fantastic. It is the northernmost island that belongs to the state of the eastern coast of the US. The island is a tourist very well attended during the summer season by some people of the older generation, but there are also young people. If you love nature this is the right choice for you. Hiking paths, sports fields, forests, lakes and the ocean. All these wonderful things can be used, and brighten you free days in Bar Harbor. There is also a club to the soul of our conditions to work only after one night, but I believe will be future participants and the attachments to it very quickly. All in all a small but beautiful place otherwise declared for the best location for cruise port which also has throughout the season.

Experience with employer OPL was positive.
I worked on the position of the Expo in the kitchen in a restaurant corporation OPL. I started in Stewmans Lobster Pound and I can tell you that this position has its advantages and disadvantages. Still after all I think that for the first year was good and beneficial to the next, and here's why. It is a position where you are in constant conversation with the kitchen and the front of the house work, which includes servers and foodrunners. The job was to sort food on large trays and add some pre-determined contributions. Work carries a certain stress, but it does help for improvement of the English language. The bad side is that you do not have tips, which is in my opinion the most important in the US, if you want to earn more. Yet all in all, ok position for the first year of the program, since you can find another job and align it very easily. Employers have always been correct and coming out to meet me for another job so that from that side do not have to worry. What we need to know that the job is not easy and Expo is not a fairy tale but it also has its good side. On the other job I was foodrunner in one of the many restaurants and you can really all the best to say about the position due to employers and there never had a problem and I will definitely be back there again next year.

This review represents personal opinion of Dusan Javorina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at OPL in Bar Harbor, ME.

Nov 5, 2016