Mike’s Seafoods, Sea Isle City, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was positive.
The team is small and selected ; )

Experience with location Sea Isle City, NJ was neutral.
A beautiful place on the coast of Southern New Jersey , not far from Atlantic City and Philadephia. Nice weather , nice people , quarters across the workplace and relatively rich nightlife . Caution : there ferrets around :D

Experience with employer Mikes Seafood was positive.
Hourly: 7.5 Hours per week: 60 Average tip : Description Employer : Earning customers , help in the kitchen , cleaning lobster , clams counting , receiving and packing orders , etc . Girls have the opportunity to work as busser and receive tips in addition to regular pay of 7.5 per hour .

This review represents personal opinion of Felipe who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency American Adventure, working at Mikes Seafood in Sea Isle City, NJ.

Aug 14, 2016