McDonalds, Buffalo, Work And Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was neutral.
Schedule : 7.5 Hours per week : 60 Average type : Description Employer : Earning customers , help in the kitchen , cleaning lobster , clams counting , receiving and packing orders , etc . Girls have the opportunity to work as bussers and receive tips in addition to regular pay of 7.5 per hour .

Experience with location Buffalo, NY was positive.
The town is on the border with Canada . Although the State of NY , from Manhattan is about 700 km . Otherwise I was in Hamburg , a suburb of Buffalo. Many small place , a casino , several small bars , but there are restaurants . Near Hamburg is located a little place Tonawanda , where he lives a huge number of our people , and I found out the last day when I came to opium . Accommodation : Accommodation I paid $ 87 a week in a hotel , but I had everything , fridge, microwave , plasma TV , air conditioning , hot water always , a housekeeper who comes twice a week , clean towels constantly . Otherwise , I met a cleaning lady Danica from Bulgaria : DDDDD

Experience with employer Burger King was neutral.
8$ and 7.35$ Job Description : My first job was in McDonalds , I had $ 8 per hour , too lazy people worked there . Second job was at Burger King , I found it only after a month , they paid me $ 7.35 an hour . Since I was in the United States spent 9 weeks , and only a month later found another job , okay I've been through , that is . I pulled invested , and something slightly shifted over it . The work in McDonalds boiled down to work on the grill , later on making sandwiches , other employees were mostly high school students , because in the north there is no Mexicans : D ok characters , only lazy , blowing constantly , even at work, BK also you will hardly find someone who does not blow , even managers . The McDonald's was hard , because everything I do , a manager of a bitch , and I was in BC and joking around a little bit , because they did cool people .

This review represents personal opinion of Boban P. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Burger King in Buffalo, NY.

Aug 14, 2016