Buffalo, NY

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  • The location was close to the South Campus, which is not so bad given that lots of students live close (most of them come when the W&T program ends), but the problem is the poor neighborhood around, even locals know that it's a bad neighborhood, during my stay there were shooting and murders. I personally didn't have problems, but I don't recommend Lasalle.

  • Buffalo is a beautiful city, it remind me of Belgrade. It is close to Niagara Falls, there are a lot of parts for hiking, bars, malls, shops. BUT: - a lot of poor population - it is not safe I went to the job by metro (a monthly ticket 75$), if I went early on the job, I waited a bus (the same ticket can be use) which is going rare and with this bus the lowest layer of society travels. I lived not far from South Campus University. It's not so safe part, but it's not scary.

  • The town is on the border with Canada . Although the State of NY , from Manhattan is about 700 km . Otherwise I was in Hamburg , a suburb of Buffalo. Many small place , a casino , several small bars , but there are restaurants . Near Hamburg is located a little place Tonawanda , where he lives a huge number of our people , and I found out the last day when I came to opium . Accommodation : Accommodation I paid $ 87 a week in a hotel , but I had everything , fridge, microwave , plasma TV , air conditioning , hot water always , a housekeeper who comes twice a week , clean towels constantly . Otherwise , I met a cleaning lady Danica from Bulgaria : DDDDD

  • A big city located 600 km from New York city . The city is also famous because it is located in Niagara Falls and is therefore known tourist place visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Secondary job can not be found or the hourly rate 7.5 and $ 8 an hour . Nightlife is great but there are many gay population. Accommodation: Accommodation is quite decent . We lived in a tidy house, which is located 10 minutes from the city center . Apartment is paying $ 85 a week which is not a bad price for the environmental conditions in which we lived .

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