Virginia Beach, VA

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  • The place is very nice and big, the hours are small, but there is a huge selection of jobs and an easy opportunity to find a second and even a third job. Who loves the ocean, the great beaches, the sun, this is the perfect place for him.

  • Virginia Beach, like the Romanian seaside with few exceptions. Many people, many clubs, parks and fun places for young people. I have known many people from all over the world. I found a second job easily.

  • VB is a great tourist city that stretches along one of the longest beaches in the United States. It is full of restaurants, hotels, shops, pastry shops, and most of them are located in the street that stretches along the entire beach. It is very easy to find extra work and everything is relatively close. Almost all students use bikes that have paths along the beach and on the street and do not need much time to get to be at a place on the beach. Large supermarkets, shopping centers and outlets are a little further from the beach, in the center of the UK, to which more day go the way of the various bus lines. Day ticket is $ 4. The UK has a State Park, many lakes, aquarium, fun park, and even a lot of places where you can spend your free time. There are also daily buses that go to Washington, New York, Norfolk, Williamsburg. Throughout the year, sunny and very warm, it's raining every few days but soon pass. Excellent nightlife, plenty of clubs, bars, parties organized by some of the several thousand students from around the world who every year in the UK. There are also numerous festivals, concerts and even a lot of different events. All in all, I am very satisfied with Virginia Beach and hope to cu again next year to implement.

  • We are going over 3 years there. Accessible place. It is not expensive compared with the cities. It can be a job. Tourism is very nice. Tourist town and has plenty of activities for the day.

  • Virginia Beach , a place where a year has so I could say a few thousand students from all over the world . Many of the city , which is divided into the city center and the ocean front . Of course , all work during the season were placed on the ocean front, and the city center you need a 15- minute drive . As far as the climate is very hot during the day , at night it is difficult to sleep without air conditioning . Nightlife is OK , there are plenty of pubs , a few clubs ( The pea 's body can be easily and dirty dance to get : D ) . As far as the season is concerned, takes anywhere from early June until Labor Day . After labor day 's almost dead , the streets are deserted and there have a lot of work . My recommendation is to go there in late May that the time spies . Accommodation is fairly easy to find .

  • The place is a tourist , on the East Coast . Plenty of tourists is visiting Virginia Beach. Restaurants, clubs , bars , souvenir shops all adjusted employment of students . The only problem that I said is overcrowding of students from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey .

  • Extra work as much as you want ... The whole East coast is full , because you have a beach , and the sun means a lot when you work , you can relax on the beach swim in the ocean .

  • The city is the classic tourist , finding another job is not a problem if you reach the fifteenth of June. A place full of students , so there is always raves .... The food is generally cheap, close to the big Outlet , so i have a lot of shopping opportunities

  • The possibility of finding additional job is great , but after a few days, it was more than good . The tourist town on the coast, with lots of restaurants, cafes , bars and discos. A lot of students from different parts of the world , and according to that , the city is always full of people and positive energy .

  • So let's start :) Although is the end of December, I still have wonderful memories associated with this place :) Virginia Beach is a great place, but the center is composed of two high buildings and that was it. I would say, a very well-kept village, and the Oceanfront is a huge beach next to the promenade and plenty of hotels. Decorating the city (away from the beach) is such that there are complex suites (more or less regulated), which usually have their own swimming pool, gym, parks for children :) I lived and worked in one beautiful (Banyan Grove & lt; 3) Year :) it was warm, the air humidity is high and under the influence of the ocean, the weather is changing incredibly fast. From the gloomy sky, rain and hurricane warnings after 2-3 hours we reach a completely clear and warm weather. It was truly say 5-6 rainy days when we were released from work, and that we all gladly accepted for touring the city and shopping. As far as finding another job, I've lived 20 minutes from the ocean, so without car it was impossible to look for another job (roommates have succeeded). Public transport does not exist ... In the surround of my apartment there was a Kroger (uh, how important it is to have a store near apartments & lt; 3), Subway, McDonalds and potential places for a second job, however roommate and I had not worked hard to find it (in is not convinient with the work of lifeguard to work a second job, but not impossible, who want's - find's a way) :)

  • Beautiful place. Great transport related. Enough job opportunity.

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