Continental Pools, Virginia beach, VA, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
Great experience! :) Dušan was attentive , polite, perform all obligations on time, for all that we were filling and delivering of documentation gave an incredibly detailed instructions (even with a graphical explanation : D). All praise for the organization , which has not stopped with its job after arriving in America, we regularly receive e-mails with announcements , tips and all the necessary information . If you decide to work as lifeguard , flights are bought through an agency ( I flew with 20 other people from the same agency with whom I was in the camp - more about that later , and the fun started already during the boarding of the plane at the airport Nikola Tesla ) : D As for me personally, Dusan was willing to help and about private issues (travel after the season ) and all sorts of nonsense that I could think of and asked him : D All praise !! :)

Experience with location Virginia Beach, VA was positive.
So let's start :) Although is the end of December, I still have wonderful memories associated with this place :) Virginia Beach is a great place, but the center is composed of two high buildings and that was it. I would say, a very well-kept village, and the Oceanfront is a huge beach next to the promenade and plenty of hotels. Decorating the city (away from the beach) is such that there are complex suites (more or less regulated), which usually have their own swimming pool, gym, parks for children :) I lived and worked in one beautiful (Banyan Grove & lt; 3) Year :) it was warm, the air humidity is high and under the influence of the ocean, the weather is changing incredibly fast. From the gloomy sky, rain and hurricane warnings after 2-3 hours we reach a completely clear and warm weather. It was truly say 5-6 rainy days when we were released from work, and that we all gladly accepted for touring the city and shopping. As far as finding another job, I've lived 20 minutes from the ocean, so without car it was impossible to look for another job (roommates have succeeded). Public transport does not exist ... In the surround of my apartment there was a Kroger (uh, how important it is to have a store near apartments & lt; 3), Subway, McDonalds and potential places for a second job, however roommate and I had not worked hard to find it (in is not convinient with the work of lifeguard to work a second job, but not impossible, who want's - find's a way) :)

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
Houtly rate: $ 7.25, overtime 10,875 Number of hours per week: 58 on average :) Average tip (week): Just once, at a party $ 50 :) Every day you are the one who does opening and cleaning of the pool, while the rest of the day is spent in the chair (you must be rescue ready , therefore, no mobile, walking and absence from work place while the visitors are in the water) :) Rescuers job is to prevent an incident to occur (reminding visitors that running is not allowed, if its a shallower pool - no jumping, children must be supervised by parents) rather than saving lives. What I was interested before i left to the USA were experiences of recsuers, did they had a crisis situation. I have several times thrown rescue tube in order to help the children that I saw that were tired of swimming (therefore, nothing dangerous, I just wanted to make sure that everything is fine), I jumped because of the child that had ground under its feet, but got panicked, and "most terrible" case, the baby in the company of an older sister who rolled into the water along with the inflatable mattress... I was in a second in the water with the baby in my hands, they say that I really quickly responded :) It is necessary to implement control of passes for pool chemicals are controled every hour (for me this whole season was interesting: D, I even gave the kids watch how I do it, it was interesting for them to see how colors are changeing ). First aid (learn all about it in training - from which I carry the most wonderful memories, lot of fun and laughter in the camp * who you visit before the season starts) :) Supervisors and regional manager at VA beach are phenomenal people (during preparations for the program, I imagined as supervisors of malice are hiding behind the bushes, waiting for every mistake, and it turned out to be our best friends there, ready to help us, and teach us the instructions). The guys are all from Serbia, which is somewhat easier to cooperate with them :) All praise to Mark, Sasha, Stefan and Miloš :) Salaries are arriving on time, with the first checks they did not took our rent money so that we can stand on our feet as sooner as posible. The company provides luxury apartments (ours was beautiful, and while this is the city where I worked) :) 6 roommates in a three-room apartment with a large terrace, 2 bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, beautiful :) It is true that you use apartment only for sleep over (and organize wild parties), but it is important that you feel happy when you come into your home (I loved the whole town, really great place) :) the positive side of this job is that over time you meet the people who come to the pool and you can create wonderful friendships (if I go back to the USA, I will visit the friends I have made in VA beach definitely) they are offering you food that they bring or make at the pool (there is usually a place for a barbecue at the pool) :) what is wonderful is complexion at the ennd of the season (we were all much more beautiful in the end, hahaha): D * Camp is a special story that absolutely, and indeed as the whole experience depends on the attitude and expectations of the individual. A military camp in the middle of the forest which once again passing the entire training, eating a large common canteen and sleeping in rooms with about 20 beds and a shared bathroom for boys and girls. Although conditions are not a fairy tale, I have spent a wonderful 48 hours of pure laughter with other people, wonderful friendships: D I thought it was wonderful, I ran in the rain, play basketball, play with dolls on which it is practiced CPR: D If you are interested in anything, I'll be happy to answer any questions :)

This review represents personal opinion of Marina Miloradović who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Virginia Beach, VA.

Jul 16, 2016