Neptune’s restaurant, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was neutral.
The Agency was ok as to the preparations for the program, they were there to answer to all questions and regularly are, by mail, provide all the necessary information about the program. As for the choice of location, are not so help me even though I signed up at the very beginning. There were minor problems with accommodation.

Experience with location Virginia Beach, VA was positive.
VB is a great tourist city that stretches along one of the longest beaches in the United States. It is full of restaurants, hotels, shops, pastry shops, and most of them are located in the street that stretches along the entire beach. It is very easy to find extra work and everything is relatively close. Almost all students use bikes that have paths along the beach and on the street and do not need much time to get to be at a place on the beach. Large supermarkets, shopping centers and outlets are a little further from the beach, in the center of the UK, to which more day go the way of the various bus lines. Day ticket is $ 4. The UK has a State Park, many lakes, aquarium, fun park, and even a lot of places where you can spend your free time. There are also daily buses that go to Washington, New York, Norfolk, Williamsburg. Throughout the year, sunny and very warm, it's raining every few days but soon pass. Excellent nightlife, plenty of clubs, bars, parties organized by some of the several thousand students from around the world who every year in the UK. There are also numerous festivals, concerts and even a lot of different events. All in all, I am very satisfied with Virginia Beach and hope to cu again next year to implement.

Experience with employer Neptune’s restaurant was positive.
About the employer can tell all the best. The boss has three restaurants in the UK - Neptune's, Nautilus and Fish Bones. In all three is great to work with. In all there are a lot of students and they are all more accustomed to working with them. During the season it is very crowded and there is always work, so it will be a lot of hours. It is possible to get a job in another of the restaurant which is the best option. I do not have any objection as to the employer and employees. $ 8.5 Hours

This review represents personal opinion of VT who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Experience, working at Neptune’s restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA.

Dec 13, 2016