Seaside Heights, NJ

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  • The town is very small and seasonal. On the streets are just motels and some shop that is too expensive. On boardwalk is all that this city has to give like stands in which you stand and people come to win some prizes, then bars in which it's hard to hire, candy shops, and that would be all. Small city, minimum hours from $ 8.5 to maximum of $ 9, all students were paid same. I would not recommend to come here if you want to earn some big sum of money as I wanted. Of course there was student who came home with 5 or 6 k, but I also know that they didn't eat to save and they didn't go further from that city to see something new. Of course you have one supermarket that is huge, but it is also expensive because that city is seasonal and people will definitely buy. If you want to buy cheap food you should go to Walmart or Stop&Shop supermarket which are in neighboring town that is not far, you need about 40 minutes by bus which goes exactly to supermarket and returns you to Seaside.

  • The city is quite small, and you have to consider that it is exclusively a tourist place that lives only on summer, which means that accommodation and food are not cheap. The closest market is Acme, and if you want to get to a cheaper one, you have to go to the bus that goes every hour. There are possibilities for another job but I recommend restaurants where you can be a busser. I do not recommend anything at the main promenade (Boardwalk).

  • City as the place is small and does not offer anything special in mind cultural content. But, is very well positioned geographically, because it is in the vicinity of New York, Atlantic City, Philadelphia.. Wasington D. C is not very far. People who do not intend to travel after the program, certainly will visit these places and during the program, because in about an hour and a half hour away from the city.

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