Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Experience with the agency was excellent. Very professional team of people, correct and ready to help at any time.

Experience with location Seaside Heights, NJ was neutral.
City as the place is small and does not offer anything special in mind cultural content. But, is very well positioned geographically, because it is in the vicinity of New York, Atlantic City, Philadelphia.. Wasington D. C is not very far. People who do not intend to travel after the program, certainly will visit these places and during the program, because in about an hour and a half hour away from the city.

Experience with employer Casino Pier was neutral.
Experience with the employer neutralno..ima and good things, but also bad. Bad things are: Captain is small and no Over Time, I departments Food Service, who had Over Time and tips, while the other 4 Department within the company, did not have any of the above, in addition to the basic salary, which amounted to 8.38 dollars per hour. The bad thing as a short break which the students had in my work departmanu.. For Open-Close 2x15 min had a paid break for 12 hours of work! You have the possibility of another 30-minute unpaid break, but it must be coupled with the above breaks, so in essence you have the most 2x30-minute break during the day. Now, the worst of all is that if you come later in the period from 2:30 pm to work, you have the right to a break until the end of the shift 15 min Paid or if you want a 30-minute unpaid, and usually you get it for about 17 until the end of working hours around midnight, you do not have a break, so you are constantly hungry, the murder would not have written :) no more of negative sides to move on to positive :) it is a positive thing that you'll meet many people from all over Europe, and American students, because working in the Entertainment park.. Employer provides accommodation, which is also a good side of the coin, you do not have to cimas about it, life with more students in the apartment brings both good and bad sides, but it certainly is a good side as everything is concentrated within 1 km2 literally the parties and mincing 4 months every night without stopping, no sleep :) I was the one who asocialan, socialized in the Seaside-u :) a lot of new friends, a lot of anecdotal life ... there will not be boring, and surely you'll remember for a long, long time. I praised and managers who are very friendly and sociable with students from Europe, and looking to help and get out of the Susta at work as much as I can. Of course, after working hours, and they interfere with us, and the party lasts all night :) Another positive thing is that you get the original Apollo form where popunjavas their desire for working time, or the number of hours during the day and week on the job. I can say that this is a very respected, and if you want to work 75h per week, you'll work ... on the one hand cool, and on the other side of exploitation, because you're forced to do because of the lack of tips and overtime-a ... U Anyway, my experience is positive, because it is the most difficult period in my life, and on the other side, and the best! Casino Pier as well as company and Seaside Heights as a place I would recommend if someone objective of the program of entertainment, with an unforgettable experience and a fantastic acquaintance from around the world! As for earnings, unless you work in the Food Service-department, do not expect a profit ... but everything has its advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on who you objectives on the program. All in all, I recommend!

This review represents personal opinion of Vladimir who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Jan 18, 2017