Put In Bay, OH

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  • The place I was in is a total madness. You find there everything you want! Fun, people from all over the world, second job can be found everywhere ... Amazing: D

  • Party island, a lot of places for going out, two stores, my recommendation.

  • Awesome island called party island. With many opportunities of work and overtime.

  • Residents-very pleasant and sociable (the island is very small, we all know each other and it is very safe) Climate-if you do not like the tropics and the heat this is the right place for you, around 26-28C moderate throughout the year, I felt 3 times that it was hot to me. Nightlife-chaos on Fridays and Saturdays, during the week a little less, because this is a weekend party island, but if you are not 21 years old you will miss a lot, but then again you will not spend a lot of money on alcoholic drinks in clubs, which are too expensive. Getting food is a problem for all students, because the price of food on the island is very high, so most students go once a month, month and a half on land to Walmart and buy up the mountain of food. Of course you needs to pay for the ferry and taxi so they pulle out a little more money. Most of the students on the island comes from Bulgaria so that the atmosphere on the island is "Balkan". There is also a Bulgarian disco which organizes weekly Balkan partys. Employer provided bike, with whom I went to work. The island is small so that the bike is quite enough to move around the island. There is no anu busses. Another job - if you come to the island before June you will have a better chance of finding another job. It all depends on how much luck you have and how persistent you are in search for additional work. All in all a wonderful and memorable experience.

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