DBA Island Club, Put-in bay, Ohio, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was neutral.
When I had problems they couldn't give an answer to me. I had some shit around work and they could not give me a Skype contact, because I can not call on the Karavan's phone.

Experience with location Put In Bay, OH was positive.
Awesome island called party island. With many opportunities of work and overtime.

Experience with employer DBA Island Club was negative.
Literally exploitation of cheap labor. We worked on the construction site, we worked as a trash collectors, all the worst jobs that nobody wanted to do they gave to students.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar Horvan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Karavan Travel, working at DBA Island Club in Put In Bay, OH.

Dec 1, 2016