Chatham, MA

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  • The wonderful experience any student has to try.

  • Awesome. I would spend my retirement there.

  • The city is generally little as regards certain dates. It is not something, the more the family. Beautiful beach. It is to find another job. There were plenty of restaurants, shops, looking for a lot of students. There are accommodations here just for students. The people are very friendly. I have the impression that there were more students for some of them. Over the year, live and there are plenty of activities and in winter there is nothing.

  • The town itself is not so big, but it is beautiful, beside the ocean. The beaches are nothing special, but however, so in the USA, are not allowed anywhere on the beaches, bars and the rest, as for us in the Balkans. We had a couple of lakes, one of which was salty and I enjoyed to go there. We had 2 bars, I went out in only one, nothing special, but the activities sometimes comes in handy. Everyone says that in previous years was more socializing and home parties, and this year there were only a few. The locals are more good people and I certainly enjoyed and will return there again probably. :)

  • My second summer on Cape, was great, a lot of memories, beautiful beaches, great enviroment, real feel of America. Excellent place for J1 students to spend summer and get known a lot about American lifestyle and meet a lot of people.

  • Easy finding additional seasonal work, the location is on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, a lot of students and nightlife extremely varied and rich, beautiful natural environment

  • Tourist city, and the possibility of finding additional work is great, nightlife is very active, air is very beautiful, city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean with numerous beaches, locals are extremely friendly!

  • Extremely quiet and safe place, during the summer season it is easy to find an additional job, there are plenty of students from other countries and is great fun guaranteed.

  • Beautiful.

  • It is easy to find a second job, if you want to work it's no problem, local residents are very nice and the nature is beautiful

  • Tourist place, the possibility of finding another job is great ... I would recommend it to all students

  • Small and peaceful place, but I really liked it. Nature is beautiful !! There are several beaches on the ocean, but I swim more like lakes (warmer and calmer water, no wind) which normally has at every step. The relief is mainly corrugated character, but with no major hills / mountains. So it's little real trouble, riding a bike, but nothing terrible. One can find another job without any problems, but if you want a high hourly rate, then it is not so easy, but possible! >> TRANSPORTATION: As for transport, I have only used the bike and I was not exactly easy because we all have jobs and accommodation away from each other. So it 3-4 times a day 20 minutes purchases at least an hour. Forget the bus to work, except perhaps to the nearby where you can bike. - if you can not find your way from some of the bike, it can be purchased for ~ 125 $ (but mostly older bikes) - a little tug with that bus will because it is quite slow (you can stop anywhere outside the station, as well as for output) All in all, the scooter would be the best solution, and only with the car you have a huge advantage. >> ACCOMMODATION: Eh, accommodation can be a problem. Difficult it is, but I do not know anyone that came without advance secured. I have no concrete information to give you where to turn, I'm all known ad: In addition, employers should ask just in case. The sooner you start to look better! Price averaged $ 125 / week.

  • The city is superb for those who want to work and earn . A lot of work, and not enough workers, you have another job for sure if you start looking for one right away. The place is small, made ​​for old folks . It's quiet , safe, and nightlife is equal to 0 ( zero) ! There are two bars ( I worked in one of them ) who are working to 1h and that's it . There are J1 partyes , which to me personally have been a disaster. Beaches , lakes , nature in general is beautiful .

  • Super little place for everyone , but there are a lot of students , I worked three jobs at one time and has a lot of opportunity for recruitment.

  • In the beginning, until I got used to I was bored and even depressing , since the city is much smaller and quieter than Belgrade , but during the summer, as students become to arive it was better and better , opportunities for extra work are there , and as for the nightlife there has a pub club that everybody goes but mostly we had house parties .

  • People are like a fairy tale , for real girlfriend and I could not believe ! The first day we arrived, when we asked our host house , drove us random woman who she saw us lugging suitcases down the street . A couple of times I never stopped for more than 2 minutes immediately someone stops and drive you to where you want. - This is what concerns people in the Cape . As for other things to do , we haven't got SSN until 11 June , so we were automatically a little late with our jobs, because most were busy , however I have already at late June found another job in a restaurant in Main Street. I was working as a busser 5 $ / h + tips ( $ 40-90 per night ) . As time went on , showing up more and more new jobs and opportunities , especially in August when the Americans started to return to their homes and prepare for school. Who wants to work will find a job, who don't want to work will find an excuse , you know how it goes ... :)

  • The best place there , impressions are completely positive and the possibility of finding another job is of course great, I have met many people here and they are all doing other work. As for the girls in the Chatham there are two bars that are popular to the Squire and Red nun and one restaurant on thursday evening dull reggae music and has something that looks like a disco night Del mar, but because the surrounding towns there are plenty of places where you may be coming , but it is impossible without a car to get to them.

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