Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
At the beginning there were a lot of problems , we are annoyed and went every day to the agency to quarrel about everything and anything , however, we eventually figured out that not all of them but that most problems arise when the sponsoring agencies and other factors that affect the WAT program . After all , when it was all over when the contracts were signed , everything is as it should be , from the USA are the only one contacted the agency , about the date change and return the same day , we received a response . Everything is respected by the opposition , so that they eventually dropped completely correct .

Experience with location Chatham, MA was positive.
People are like a fairy tale , for real girlfriend and I could not believe ! The first day we arrived, when we asked our host house , drove us random woman who she saw us lugging suitcases down the street . A couple of times I never stopped for more than 2 minutes immediately someone stops and drive you to where you want. - This is what concerns people in the Cape . As for other things to do , we haven't got SSN until 11 June , so we were automatically a little late with our jobs, because most were busy , however I have already at late June found another job in a restaurant in Main Street. I was working as a busser 5 $ / h + tips ( $ 40-90 per night ) . As time went on , showing up more and more new jobs and opportunities , especially in August when the Americans started to return to their homes and prepare for school. Who wants to work will find a job, who don't want to work will find an excuse , you know how it goes ... :)

Experience with employer Chatham Bars Inn was positive.
Wage per hour: 2.63-8.00 Number of hours per week: 40-50h Average tip: $ 20-500 The thing I worshiped at Americans is that respect people who are worthy and who are trying, but my experience is proof of that! Busser-classic greeting guests, cleaning tables and re-setting, also when they were doing some events we would rigging tables and buffet. This job I worked for about a month and a half and I wanted to shoot myself : D We have not earned nothing because they hired too many support staff so I have, first month and a half literally thrown into the water, the earnings concerns ... Here is the hourly rate was 5, 75 + tips ($ 15-40 per day). Server-I got this position on 27 July, I was offered if I want to improve my position and I accepted (this job I worked in Serbia seven years so there was nothing new to me, but my English is at the level C2). The job consists of receiving orders from guests and passing drinks, the rest work do Bussers and food runners. Here is the hourly rate was 2.63 + tips ($ 200-500 per day). Conference Service - a job similar to the job Busser only quite interesting, working meetings to large companies that come in September, the work consisted of setting up and cleaning buffet as well as the transport of food. Hours were 8 + tips (18% of total sold F & amp; B for the day-which is a lot of money, counting it a meal per person cost $ 35-110 per day x 50-300 people, so... do the math). In this position I remained only about a week in mid-September. Room service agent - or at room service as we say, the work was a mockery, sitting in the kitchen waiting for someone to call on the phone to order something, there is a person who sits on the phone and receive orders, then packing the order on a big plate as it comes out of the kitchen and then take it to the guests in their rooms, later they invite and seek that you come to collect that plate, go to the door you take the plate and that would be it in general. Hours were 8 + tips (18% is calculated automatically on each account, but the guests are also able to letter at the expense of some amount and that these 'tips in a bag)

This review represents personal opinion of IvkovicA who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA.

Aug 5, 2016