Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
Everything was OK by them, camaraderie, or a little more professionalism would not be hurt. The biggest gripe for sponsorship agency in America - CIEE is that me two days before leaving on a trip notified by e-mail that my schedule was altered with 8 $ level of 5,75 $ and you can not do anything here! Later I discovered that it was the failure of the agency itself, because the employer has never changed the schedule of 5.75$.

Experience with location Chatham, MA was positive.
Small and peaceful place, but I really liked it. Nature is beautiful !! There are several beaches on the ocean, but I swim more like lakes (warmer and calmer water, no wind) which normally has at every step. The relief is mainly corrugated character, but with no major hills / mountains. So it's little real trouble, riding a bike, but nothing terrible. One can find another job without any problems, but if you want a high hourly rate, then it is not so easy, but possible! >> TRANSPORTATION: As for transport, I have only used the bike and I was not exactly easy because we all have jobs and accommodation away from each other. So it 3-4 times a day 20 minutes purchases at least an hour. Forget the bus to work, except perhaps to the nearby where you can bike. - if you can not find your way from some of the bike, it can be purchased for ~ 125 $ (but mostly older bikes) - a little tug with that bus will because it is quite slow (you can stop anywhere outside the station, as well as for output) All in all, the scooter would be the best solution, and only with the car you have a huge advantage. >> ACCOMMODATION: Eh, accommodation can be a problem. Difficult it is, but I do not know anyone that came without advance secured. I have no concrete information to give you where to turn, I'm all known ad: In addition, employers should ask just in case. The sooner you start to look better! Price averaged $ 125 / week.

Experience with employer Chatham Bars Inn was negative.
****On other matters, and because, in a comment below. Chatham Bars Inn was my primary employer over whom I have received a visa. I personally do not recommend it! Although, on the other hand, it is a small selection of employers who provide sponsorship, and depending on the agency may not be able to choose. >>About the nature of the transaction: I worked at Food Runner position. In essence: you get an order from the waiter, wait until all the chefs to prepare and carry that food on the table and some specific place on the table. It works simply, but it requires that you always be on the hot line in the kitchen, and requires a certain amount of responsibility that journey after dish go to the hundreds of you can be a small thing when you do not (often) there are some special requirements from the customer so you need to know all the ingredients of this dish contains successfully identify and organize what that where that goes. So you should always be careful in case you are stealing some mistake chef or waiter. All this requires constant communication with them and then finally the guests, in order to fulfill their every request. When crowded, there is the main boss who organizes all this, however, less of the brain. Mainly hot plates (sometimes heavily boiling) and is almost always necessary to bring three dishes at once. But all learn and gain a sense. None of us did not deal with this business, we are all around very quickly and learned everything. >>The biggest gripe managers. Basically that crazy of them. In addition to the psychological burden, there is another - a schedule of working hours for the current week. It changes every week, you never know what you're doing-time, it can be any time in the period from 11h to 23h (eg one day 11-17, the second 16-23, third 12-23h), then I can move on other positions literally do whatever they want. So that is the biggest practical problem is that you are so take a good part of the day so you can have a second job just to 11h in the morning. Many do not mind being fixed schedule or to distribute the people in shifts as everywhere else does. However, someone was lucky with the schedule and knew, or at least could guess when you will work. It all depends on where the restaurant and in what position you're doing. Next, they asked me a couple of times that the roadwork something else out of the restaurant (a type of loading / unloading, general assistance wherever necessary). And when all is added to the minimum wage. . . In principle, it is not scary, blunt man at all, but definitely not a place that makes a man contented and happy. The only thing I was tied there are people with whom I worked there. Em Party, em our people who were in great numbers, so I submitted all a little easier. Yet at the end, not sorry to leave.

This review represents personal opinion of Predrag Pavlovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency GPA, working at Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA.

Oct 6, 2016