Harry’s Oyster Bar, Atlantic city, NJ, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
The agency has fulfilled my expectations , have a good base of operations so that for every taste find something . The people who work there will come out to meet and help as much as possible . They have done their job properly !

Experience with location Atlantic city, NJ was positive.
Excellent location for many reasons , for those who want entertainment LAW city . A huge number of clubs , bars and restaurants. Since this is a tourist town with a large number of people therefore there are plenty of opportunities for other work. The town is located outlets for those who love shopping . Slightly bad neighborhood , but it is not difficult to find accommodation 10 minutes by bus from the city where it is much better! Atlantic city is located on the town's few large cities such as Philadelphia , New York ... Do them every day for a few hours are going to buses and trains .

Experience with employer Harry's Oyster Bar was positive.
Hours : 3.25 Hours per week: 32-42 Average tip : 18 % of the sum of sold Server or Serbian- waiter. Good job primarily because of the good earnings. A great team of people working there , starting from the manager down to the kitchen staff , excellent atmosphere at work. Sometimes it was a little tiring , especially on weekends and holidays because of the high traffic of people, but also the time flies faster and have made a better :)

This review represents personal opinion of Igor who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency GPA, working at Harry's Oyster Bar in Atlantic city, NJ.

Aug 3, 2016