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  • In the beginning, it was hard for me beacuse of time zones and rain, but from day to day I got used to it and I could go back there again. I went there with idea that this is not the classic America we see on TV. The city is somehow sloppy, but it's lovely to me.

  • Small town, good weather.

  • Beautiful nature. Small town and it is good for people who loves to hike, to enjoy in the weather of Alaska, because there is not hot during the summer.

  • There are great possibilities for finding another job.

  • Perfect city in every respect.

  • Beautiful Alaska.

  • Top, I would not be returning if it was not super :)

  • I was there twice, there are a lot of our students, the city as the city is not very interesting, for those interested in hiking there are plenty of outdoor activities

  • Anchorage is a small town and I recommend it to all those who love hiking, nature ..

  • Anchorage is a small town and there are not many people, but during the season is a popular tourist spot for nature lovers. There are many parks and lakes, and even the most beautiful cities are located about 30 minutes to an hour drive by car. As for the climate, June and July are warm and not so much rainy as August and September. In September, the rain becomes really boring especially when you have to work with bike.

  • If you love nature, the location is top. There is little places for going out like clubs and bars, but all that replaced the right company and excursions :)

  • Now that everything is finished, I can say that it was ok, but I wouldn't go back again to Alaska. It is good as regards earnings and because you have nowhere to spend the money if your goal is to earn and return as much as possible. Alaska is not a "that America" ​​that we all imagine and there literally do not have what to do other than to work :D All you have to see and visit can done it in a few days and to make the most of the end of June while still beautiful weather, but in mid-July has started to rain and is not stopped until the middle of September until I was there. What would I recommend and what should not be missed if you're already, there is a tour of the glacier.

  • Although I personally am not too disappointed because I initially wanted to go to Alaska in order to escape from the summer in Anchorage can be a little depressing, boring and dull, especially if you've dreamed about going somewhere else. Despite having roughly the same population as Novi Sad, area of ​​the city is huge and takes a long time to get from point A to point B if you do not have a car, so it is advisable to find another job that is located near an apartment or a first job. The public transport is no great benefit for years, especially on weekends when the first bus going around 8-9, 5-6 in a final, and is sometimes faster to get bike to the desired location. Since all spoken driving, the streets are often (semi) empty, and the situation is not very much different in the clubs, so you can bypass Anchorage wide berth if you dream in a crazy night out. Going to the nature of the definition of Alaska adventure and you will be sure to spend the best moments on a lake or the mountain. The weather is quite nice in the summer, in June and July is known to be about 20-25 degrees, September was also quite warm this year, although there were rainy days, but nothing worse than what we have seen in Serbia. All in all, do not overdo it with winter clothes, even if it is something you would need a wardrobe prices are more or less the same as in Serbia. As far as the general standard can not compare it to other cities in the United States because I have never lived nor spent enough time to gain a good impression. People with whom I was in contact were paying rent ranging between 200-400 dollars, depending on how many were in one place, the director does not leave too much especially if you have a lot of roommates. When it comes to another job, start to look for it at the time - the options are many, and students who are looking for employment even higher, as interest in Alaska every year is growing.

  • Alaska is beautiful, nature, northern lights ...

  • Alaska's largest city (not the principal) the size of Novi Sad, which lives only in summer. Tourists generally use it as a base for visiting the natural beauty of Alaska in the vicinity. Few people come just for Anchorage. At the macro level, the location is bad considering that the city is closer to the North Pole than the United States or at the micro level is excellent. At the best place in Alaska, tucked away in a bay (fjord), which sets deep into the mainland and is relatively close to all attractive locations. The climate is amazing goods due to the positive impact of warm sea currents, so there will be no problems with acclimatization. No snow and the temperature is 25 degrees year ago. On the day of my return (6.10.) It was colder in Belgrade than in Anchorage. For work, location is plentiful. However, this year there was a problem. In previous years, the Anchorage was valid witness "amassed a lot of money, so I bought two casinos in Vegas and one Caribbean island." As soon as you mention a lot of money soon appears and the hill Serbs. Journalists say to us this year was about 500 (facebook group of Anchorage in 2016 has over 600 members). Now, to the hill of Serbs from the hills of possible locations for a second job only made hill. But in addition, rare were those who did not have another job. There really are many shops and find another job are not the only ones who did not genuinely effort. But there is an impression that the mountain of Serbs significantly reduced the number of those who can buy an island. Salaries are good. Minimum wage in Alaska is 9.75 $ so if your goal is money, it is difficult that you can experience a debacle. People say that this season was very poor due to many factors, but this is relative. Me, say it was not bad. Basically, it's all yours, though there are a small share of happiness. Overall, the assessment of the location is positive. It's far, but there's a lot to see, experience, experience. For example. I was twice face to face with a huge moose, then I saw the Aurora Borealis (polar light) and the feeling is not-o-pi-gray, visited glaciers, mountains ... I only regret that it was not J1 students from other countries Saint. Six Turks and seventeen Bulgarians is far from sufficient. Night life there or not what we are used to. Most places are bars rather than clubs. Bar-type solid music and a dance floor near the table with billiards, darts and TV. There are a couple of clubs, of which the most popular Bernies. The story even if it's a gay club. The menu is frankly sucks because it is the dominant type of music a nigga 'hip hop that we do not want. A norms of behavior in these clubs are witness to a separate analysis. If you decide to Anchorage, here are some bonus tips: Buy the cheapest bike in the Wal-Mart, because without it you prop'o. Tactic is clear, bikes said warranty after a month it should be returned a few days before that, on the pretext that it was broken and dangerous to life. They provide the same to replace the bike or the other at the same price. I also 4 times until you do eventually return 100% of the money and it turns out you were driving 4 months for free. So I did. Next, watch the car. Many of us have been hit by a car on the bike. They are not accustomed to bikers so they do not even notice. Do not trust the drivers are not even in a traffic light but only in themselves. Watch and watch out for yourself and for them. I mean it, it was more serious accidents! Buy at Wal-Mart because the average has everything you need. The interesting thing like, many pregnant so much that they stole at Wal-Mart, wardrobe, etc. stores. Americans do not steal so im unstable security. This average Serbian immediately sniff out and use. In the end, the US invaded so many captured, and the application, the police, the trial ... Do not steal because even imagine the country from which you come. That we do not memorize as itching crooks.

  • A great place to make money , accommodation is really cheap and it is ok . The location is great for earnings , good houlry rates , I worked 2 jobs , and have earned.

  • Great chance for another job , the city beautiful, big, has everything you need ...

  • Anhcorage, the largest city of Alaska. During May, June and July temperature is pleasant 25 or So degrees and 24 hours a day is sunny ie no night and darkness. August and September are generally rainy, with possible snow in September. The locals are friendly, relaxed and comunicativ. Center of the town is small, with a few exclusive restaurants, several bars and a discotheque. All have an entry ban under 21 years old, and in my opinion is not worth anything particularly interesting for nightlife, as is not much popular. The possibility of finding another job is great, but the competition is also in the center of a large, mainly because the Bulgarians come early, so pick up a better position. I recommend looking for jobs in midtown and south Anchorage. Approximately every objective on some positions where the waiter takes a huge tip. For me this is wrong, because it is not as open places, competition is high, hours are weak and more logical to work in the nearest Walmart full time, rather than wait for you if you call the restaurant, and if you invite the question is how many hours you will get the general. The city is ideal for those who want to combine it plenty of physical activity, bicycle, jogging, hiking, etc.. Problem is to find accommodation, I recommend everyone to previously know before coming to America, and agree to live together and share expenses, Craiglist percent to the price of a decent private rooms cost up to $ 600.

  • The town is a typical American , very nice and without confusion . People are not typical Americans , more are traditionalists , and they are very kind to students, especially us Serbs . Nature is very beautiful , all in all a lot of things can be seen.

  • Anchorage is a beautiful city , large , city center is small , the center is not interesting, has one shopping mall , but not something interesting. The city is quiet and peaceful , not too exciting . As for all the aditional work everybody had it but me :) I did not even seek for it because of overtime on the first job.

  • Although I found another job , ngo much better the first time I was on w & amp ; t program ... hot recommendations

  • There is work , I worked in grand hotel and princess hotel .. a lot of students , mostly from Eastern Europe

  • The city is beautiful, nature, pure, seagulls in the center of the city, ocean close to the mountain .. quiet, not many people, not crowded as larger Novi Sad. Nightlife is a horror, half of all 3 closes, clubs sucks, as a warehouse with tables, or buckwheat, good music, drinks and society is all great. People in town are fine, they want to help to the instructions and the like, the biggest problem Eskimos who have got their hands on alcohol and so roam the streets. It's a little problem, and why there are not permanent public transportation, or bike the law: D Ma believes it was great. Summer beautiful, not too hot, it's not raining, it was nicer than ours. It's tricky when you look at someone's picture who works at sea, the sun and bathe, the sun and bathe, and we do not really .. although when you are working you don't have time, but there are plenty of interesting things in another way, there are a lot else to do and see . As for the possibility of finding another job, if you come in May, slightly disappoint, first because the town was empty, the other does not employ a lot, if you're lucky really, only when the season starts, sometimes in mid-June, but there a lot of restaurants and fast food and in general, hotels and the like. Fast food restaurants, and the greater part of the hotel is outside the city, in midtown-in, so if you've done in downtown, the little bike accident, but all get used to it.

  • The city has about 300,000 inhabitants, but it is a lot of our students this year went there . In the first month , it was hard to find another job , but it is more after this period was possible to find second and even third jobs. The nature is beautiful. I really enjoyed the sunsets days after the end of each shift. :) Of course, weekends are there for a great time in local clubs , DJs know what they are doing, just kind of cocktail you can dream : D All in all , a great experience !!!

  • As for the extra work in Anchorage, can not find only one who does not want to work . :) There are huge opportunities for finding 2 jobs . In addition to my first job , I combined 2 more employers in accordance with a free time and shifts.

  • Wage per hour : 10.75 Number of hours per week : 32 Average tips : Options for the second work has a lot and you only need to have desire and energy. Climate through the year is a very pleasant 20 to 30 degrees. A lot places to visit, Alaska is rich with natural beauties. Cities are not very big , several streets in center and countless restaurants gift shops and opportunities for work .

  • It is not such a problem to find extra work because it is a seasonal town and during the summer everything works. almost everyone I know have found extra work . Last year was the warmest - a majority of around 20 degrees , people are nice but the city is expensive . Whoever says the contrary, was apparently in other cities so can not and does not know how to compare . There is nothing special for the night life , the majority of people spend time in the countryside outside the city so you will not see no people to enjoy a beautiful day, a walk ...

  • As for the general, Alaska , wherever you go , it will be good for your wallet :) You are only going there to make a profit . Anchorage is nice, work on every corner , a lot of the hotel , there are no blacks , the crime rate is low. Weather is like a spring from 10 to 30 degrees, vary throughout the day. Sometimes can be a lot of rain. No night life , but in season it is full of tourists who visit other attractions.

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