Clarion suites hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was neutral.
It is necessary to know how to send student accommodation . It is very inconvenient to go, but do not have the address or not . No one is pleasant to lie to parents is great accommodation , and there come what rain damage , drug addicts throughout the building , they have to ride the bicycle from home to work after an hour because it is too far and the like . Personally I do not happen like that , but I know that adultery is, and it really is not fair because we give a lot of money for program . This is one of the details that are very important , but the agency does not take care of it, likely as any of the agencies .

Experience with location Anchorage, AK was positive.
The city is beautiful, nature, pure, seagulls in the center of the city, ocean close to the mountain .. quiet, not many people, not crowded as larger Novi Sad. Nightlife is a horror, half of all 3 closes, clubs sucks, as a warehouse with tables, or buckwheat, good music, drinks and society is all great. People in town are fine, they want to help to the instructions and the like, the biggest problem Eskimos who have got their hands on alcohol and so roam the streets. It's a little problem, and why there are not permanent public transportation, or bike the law: D Ma believes it was great. Summer beautiful, not too hot, it's not raining, it was nicer than ours. It's tricky when you look at someone's picture who works at sea, the sun and bathe, the sun and bathe, and we do not really .. although when you are working you don't have time, but there are plenty of interesting things in another way, there are a lot else to do and see . As for the possibility of finding another job, if you come in May, slightly disappoint, first because the town was empty, the other does not employ a lot, if you're lucky really, only when the season starts, sometimes in mid-June, but there a lot of restaurants and fast food and in general, hotels and the like. Fast food restaurants, and the greater part of the hotel is outside the city, in midtown-in, so if you've done in downtown, the little bike accident, but all get used to it.

Experience with employer Clarion suites hotel was positive.
Housekeeping- 12 hourly wage plus tips down an average 3.4 dollars. Job Description: cystic and dying , bathroom , beds , dust extraction , everything must be clean , in the beginning for clean a room you need 45 minutes, later half an hour , so when you learn you job you need about 20 min ( figure out that some things can not goofing around as well you can never figure out ) : D Front desk- off 10 hourly because I'm a beginner , I had no experience plus tips if you're after that , the average 5 down , sometimes more , sometimes less . It is important that you are kind, smiling and to know the language to be able to communicate with people . It is important to understand the system and learn how and what and easy . You stand all the time but when crowded , in season , to pass quickly .

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandra who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Clarion suites hotel in Anchorage, AK.

Aug 6, 2016