Hilton hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Work and travel group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
I had a great experience with the agency, they helped me with everything what I needed. Even my mom are complied with, just like any other mom that all the details want to know.

Experience with location Anchorage, AK was positive.
Alaska is beautiful, nature, northern lights ...

Experience with employer Hilton was positive.
Job is difficult, no one can say it did not, but after 2 weeks used to it. At the Hilton are all great, with everyone you talk to and that you negotiate about everything. In the contract we were 32 hours per week, and we had an average of 40 or more.

This review represents personal opinion of Andjela Babic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Hilton in Anchorage, AK.

Oct 22, 2016