Georgian Lakeside Resort

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  • Very positive. I stayed in touch with a lot of people from work. Manager reception more than fair, the supervisor I was hooked again but admitted a mistake so we are ok other. It is generally between 36-40h week, it happened a few times that I had overtime but only because what happened that day someone comes to work (not in advance) and I covered the shift. Hours $ 10 and I got a symbolic bonus at the end of the season and a gift from colleagues. My shifts were mainly 15-23h so I found a second job in a hotel next to almost (there is another hotel between them - or all three, one after the other) O 'Sullivan ' s Motel, which keeps families unlike Georgiana who keeps an Indian corporation. I u O 'Sullivan ' s-u I worked at the front desk mainly 10-14.30h, between 20-30h week 11 $ an hour, I was able to choose how many tolko, but that was 30h max, they needed more. Family phenomenal, better I think there is in Lake George, the single bad word I have for them. All in all a great place, great experience with employers, it is easy to get a job and needs to go. Nas was 20-30 from the Balkans but it was still wat students (from other parts of the world).

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