Xantera Yellowstone National Park, Denver Colorado, GTS

Experience with agency Go To SUA was positive.
With GTS (go to sua) I had a very good experience. Everything was as I set out at first, I have nothing to comment on. I can only say positive things about them.

Experience with location Denver, CO was positive.
An area full of greenery, a lot of nature, great landscapes, clean air, quiet area ... very nice. Near Denver

Experience with employer Xanterra Parks&Resorts was neutral.
He didn't give us enough hours, otherwise he was ok. The possibility of finding a second job is quite small, being a national park ...

This review represents personal opinion of Gheorghita Stefan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Go To SUA, working at Xanterra Parks&Resorts in Denver, CO.

Oct 22, 2018