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  • Friendly, willing to teach us as much as possible.

  • Nothing to complain about.

  • This position in this hotel is not very easy because I have a great many complex and consists of many different houses. In one day I knew to get 3 in different houses and then to go from one to another, and all the time to drag a bag with all the necessary things like bags for dirty bedding. The rest is all the same as each housekeeping, clean, clean and clean all day: D

  • Great place to work, nice people. I hope they'll get 5* this year :) :P

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average payoff: 15 $ Work in a restaurant, the restaurant,

  • Hours 2.95 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average payoff : 25 $ Waiter job

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tips: 10 $ Assistant waiter in a restaurant.

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tips: 10 $ Working in the restaurant, passing orders from the kitchen to the table

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tips: 10 $ Assistant waiter.

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average payoff: 10 $ Helping waiter and serving customers

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip 8 $ Working in the restaurant delivering food from the kitchen to the tables

  • ****On other matters, and because, in a comment below. Chatham Bars Inn was my primary employer over whom I have received a visa. I personally do not recommend it! Although, on the other hand, it is a small selection of employers who provide sponsorship, and depending on the agency may not be able to choose. >>About the nature of the transaction: I worked at Food Runner position. In essence: you get an order from the waiter, wait until all the chefs to prepare and carry that food on the table and some specific place on the table. It works simply, but it requires that you always be on the hot line in the kitchen, and requires a certain amount of responsibility that journey after dish go to the hundreds of you can be a small thing when you do not (often) there are some special requirements from the customer so you need to know all the ingredients of this dish contains successfully identify and organize what that where that goes. So you should always be careful in case you are stealing some mistake chef or waiter. All this requires constant communication with them and then finally the guests, in order to fulfill their every request. When crowded, there is the main boss who organizes all this, however, less of the brain. Mainly hot plates (sometimes heavily boiling) and is almost always necessary to bring three dishes at once. But all learn and gain a sense. None of us did not deal with this business, we are all around very quickly and learned everything. >>The biggest gripe managers. Basically that crazy of them. In addition to the psychological burden, there is another - a schedule of working hours for the current week. It changes every week, you never know what you're doing-time, it can be any time in the period from 11h to 23h (eg one day 11-17, the second 16-23, third 12-23h), then I can move on other positions literally do whatever they want. So that is the biggest practical problem is that you are so take a good part of the day so you can have a second job just to 11h in the morning. Many do not mind being fixed schedule or to distribute the people in shifts as everywhere else does. However, someone was lucky with the schedule and knew, or at least could guess when you will work. It all depends on where the restaurant and in what position you're doing. Next, they asked me a couple of times that the roadwork something else out of the restaurant (a type of loading / unloading, general assistance wherever necessary). And when all is added to the minimum wage. . . In principle, it is not scary, blunt man at all, but definitely not a place that makes a man contented and happy. The only thing I was tied there are people with whom I worked there. Em Party, em our people who were in great numbers, so I submitted all a little easier. Yet at the end, not sorry to leave.

  • Hours 2.95 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average payoff : 25 $ Waiter job

  • Wage per hour : 6 Number of hours per week : Over 60 Average tip : 300 per week Frankly, I was not at all satisfied with the job . I specifically worked in the Stars - in , which is fine dinning restaurant in the CBI . We worked more (time ) than the others who were in the other restaurants , but we earned less than them. While other more or less ended up about 10 , 11h PM , we ended up at 00.30 , 01.00h AM . Even our servers crossed us for the first pay of $ 400 , but that's another story . I gave a positive assessment because the salary was good , however , more than I expected before coming to the USA . I managers were there to listen to us if nothing else , so that all in all was ok . Now, if you can , it is best to work as servers . They take most of the money and do the same or less than others. I on the other two jobs was a server, and for breakfast I was taking around $ 100-150 per day, and for the bigger ones 150 up to $ 600 !

  • Hourly rate 8 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average tip : about $ 150 a day is coming out Filling the mini bar fridge , and if the guests order something, bringing that to the room.

  • Wage per hour 8 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average tips : 80 $ Bringing orders to guests in the rooms , as well as filling the fridge with drinks and snacks .

  • Hours 5.25 $ Number of hours per week : 40 Average tips : 10 $ Assistant waiter in a restaurant

  • Wage per hour : 5.75 Hours per week: 50-60 Average tip : $ 100 The first job was Busser in the CB in the tavern , restaurant worker and basically I did everything that beed to be done in the restaurant brought food cleaned the tables cleaned the floor, and I was working on CBI farm where we grow organic fruits and vegetables

  • Wage per hour: 2.63-8.00 Number of hours per week: 40-50h Average tip: $ 20-500 The thing I worshiped at Americans is that respect people who are worthy and who are trying, but my experience is proof of that! Busser-classic greeting guests, cleaning tables and re-setting, also when they were doing some events we would rigging tables and buffet. This job I worked for about a month and a half and I wanted to shoot myself : D We have not earned nothing because they hired too many support staff so I have, first month and a half literally thrown into the water, the earnings concerns ... Here is the hourly rate was 5, 75 + tips ($ 15-40 per day). Server-I got this position on 27 July, I was offered if I want to improve my position and I accepted (this job I worked in Serbia seven years so there was nothing new to me, but my English is at the level C2). The job consists of receiving orders from guests and passing drinks, the rest work do Bussers and food runners. Here is the hourly rate was 2.63 + tips ($ 200-500 per day). Conference Service - a job similar to the job Busser only quite interesting, working meetings to large companies that come in September, the work consisted of setting up and cleaning buffet as well as the transport of food. Hours were 8 + tips (18% of total sold F & amp; B for the day-which is a lot of money, counting it a meal per person cost $ 35-110 per day x 50-300 people, so... do the math). In this position I remained only about a week in mid-September. Room service agent - or at room service as we say, the work was a mockery, sitting in the kitchen waiting for someone to call on the phone to order something, there is a person who sits on the phone and receive orders, then packing the order on a big plate as it comes out of the kitchen and then take it to the guests in their rooms, later they invite and seek that you come to collect that plate, go to the door you take the plate and that would be it in general. Hours were 8 + tips (18% is calculated automatically on each account, but the guests are also able to letter at the expense of some amount and that these 'tips in a bag)

  • Wage per hour 5.75 $ Number of hours per week : 65 Average tip : 70/80 $ a day Taking dirty plates away and glasses and clearing up tables, filling guests glases with water, prepare all cinds of events which were in the restaurant and hotel. Extremely prefer Serbs .

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