Applebee's Grill & Bar

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  • The restaurant is excellent, complicated position. It requires speed, skill, versatility. Whoever never cooked, it is better to him to run from this position because it is not naive at all. The restaurant is full, but the problem is hours. The management is a little bit in the problem since this was their first or the second year of work and travel, so it happened that sometimes there were hours and sometimes they sent us home after 2 hours of work with the pretext of "work".

  • $ 10, no tips , the number of working hours from 36-40 Job description: My job consisted of welcoming visitors at the door, keeping the table by placing the guests at the table , keeping a waiting list , cleaning the restaurant , the menu presentation , etc . All in all, neither hard nor difficult, sometimes when the crowd is sweat and running, but other than that , good atmosphere was still time passes quickly when you're doing a good and interesting job like this .

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