Applebee’s grill & Bar, Dickinson, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
The guys from the agency gave us all the necessary information about the departure time, and while we had some little problem in America have struggled and been in communication with us throughout the entire program.

Experience with location Dickinson, ND was positive.
Dickinson is a small town in North Dakota , an hour away from the capital city of Bismarck . With respect of the oil boom in the Dakota has a lot of work , so you will find an additional job very easy , it is sufficient to apply the 4.5 city and someone will call you . Nightlife and entertainment do not expect , I have house parties of students . If you are firmly decided to work all day , this is the right fats. There are no special attraction, positive thing about it is that you do not have where to spend the money you earn . Air conditioning is ok , a little windy , and the average is around 25 degrees throughout the year .

Experience with employer Applebee's Grill & Bar was positive.
$ 10, no tips , the number of working hours from 36-40 Job description: My job consisted of welcoming visitors at the door, keeping the table by placing the guests at the table , keeping a waiting list , cleaning the restaurant , the menu presentation , etc . All in all, neither hard nor difficult, sometimes when the crowd is sweat and running, but other than that , good atmosphere was still time passes quickly when you're doing a good and interesting job like this .

This review represents personal opinion of Tikily who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Inspirit, working at Applebee's Grill & Bar in Dickinson, ND.

Jul 16, 2016